Birds of Indian Subcontinent

Recent Unpublished U.K. Theses on Birds

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Date Published:1997
ISBN Number:1474-919X
Keywords:Columba, Columba livia, Columbidae, Corvidae, Larus, Larus occidentalis, Pica, Pica hudsonia, Pica pica, Poephila, Poephila guttata, Taeniopygia, Taeniopygia guttata
Abstract:FLEXCHER, F.J.C. 1996. Male and Female Aspects of Sperm Competition in the Zebra Finch, Tueniopygiu guttutu. PhD Thesis. University of Sheffield. GILBERT, 1,. 1996. Sperm Competiton in the Western Gull. PhD Thesis. University of Sheffield. LOVELL-MANSBRIDGE, C. 1995. Sperm Competition in the Feral Pigeon Columbn liviu. PhD Thesis. University of Sheffield. PAKKO IT, D. 1 99 5. Social Organisation and Extra-pair Behaviour in the European Black-billed Magpie Pica pica. PhD Thesis. University of Sheffield.
Short Title:Ibis
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