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Radiation of the genus Dysdera (Araneae, Haplogynae, Dysderidae) in the Canary Islands: The island of Gran Canaria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:Arnedo, MA, RIBERA, CARLES
Journal:Zoologica Scripta
Date Published:1997
ISBN Number:1463-6409
Keywords:Fringillidae, Serinus, Serinus canaria
Abstract:This study continues studies on the taxonomy and distribution of Dysdera in the Canarian archipelago. Four new species are described: Dysdera andamanae sp. n., D. arabisenen sp. n., D. tibicena sp. n. and D. yguanirae sp. n. Four new synonymies are reported: D. bailadero Wunderlich, 1991 and D. pauciserae Wunderlich, 1991 =Dysdera iguanensis Wunderlich, 1987, D. tamadabaensis Wunderlich, 1991 =D. paucispinosa Wunderlich, 1991; D. sinuosa Wunderlich, 1994 =D. tilosensis Wunderlich, 1991. Six species are redescribed: D. bandamae Schmidt, 1973, D. iguanensis Wunderlich, 1987, D. insulana Simon, 1883, D. paucispinosa Wunderlich, 1991, D. tilosensis Wunderlich, 1991 and D. verneaui Simon, 1883; and neotypes are designated for D. insulana and D. verneaui. The presence of the following species in Gran Canaria is reported for the first time: D. iguanensis, formerly only collected on Tenerife, D. insulana, previously of doubtful location, and D. levipes, known from Tenenfe and La Gomera. Morphological affinities, ecology and distribution of the species are discussed.
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