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Population Movements of the Harris' Sparrow and Tree Sparrow in Eastern Kansas

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1967
Authors:Graul, WD
Journal:The Southwestern Naturalist
Date Published:1967
ISBN Number:00384909
Keywords:Passer, Passer montanus, Passeridae
Abstract:A population movement study of the Harris' Sparrow and Tree Sparrow was conducted in eastern Kansas from 11 October 1965 through 17 May 1966. Many Harris' Sparrows and Tree Sparrows were migrants through November. The spring migration of the Harris' Sparrow was gradual while the spring migration of the Tree Sparrow was abrupt. Both species followed general courses of movement, with the Harris' Sparrow being restricted to wooded routes. The length of stay in a given area varied with individuals of both species. Both species exhibited an unstable flock structure. Movements of the Harris' Sparrow were related to a combination of weather and food supply, and the Tree Sparrow movements were related to weather. Both species picked up grit daily from gravel roads. Sub-groups were noted within the Harris' Sparrow population. Both species were specific in returning to a general wintering ground.
Short Title:The Southwestern Naturalist
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