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Nest-Site Selection of the American Coot in the Aspen Parklands of Saskatchewan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Authors:Sutherland, JM, Maher, WJ
Journal:The Condor
Date Published:1987
ISBN Number:00105422
Keywords:Fulica, Fulica americana, Fulica atra, Rallidae
Abstract:Nest-site selection in American Coots (Fulica americana) was examined in 1981 and 1982 in pond habitat of south-central Saskatchewan. Breeding coots chose ponds having emergent vegetation in water and a low probability of becoming dry during the nesting and brood-rearing period. Comparison of nests and random sites indicated that nest location on ponds was governed by three factors in order of importance: (1) territoriality, (2) maximizing distance to shore in a large emergent zone width, and (3) vegetation density and height. In ponds having more than one species of emergent vegetation, territoriality and emergent zone width influenced the species in which coots nested. There was no relationship between nest concealment and the incidence of predation.
Short Title:The Condor
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