Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of Brimstone butterflies (genus Gonepteryx) from the Canary Islands and Madeira

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:Brunton, CFA, HURST, GREGORYDD
Journal:Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Date Published:1998
ISBN Number:1095-8312
Keywords:colonization, Fringillidae, island biogeography, Lepidoptera, Pieridae, Serinus, Serinus canaria, systematics
Abstract:Part of the mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase I gene was sequenced for seven species of Gonepteryx (Pieridac) butterflies. Four of the species are island endemics inhabiting the Canary Island archipelago and Madeira. The remaining three are European and African conspecifics. Sequence data were analysed phylogenetically by maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood methods. The resulting trees were used to deduce Canarian species' ancestry, sequential inter-island colonization and systematics. They suggest African ancestry for the Canary Island taxa and a colonization pattern, within the archipelago, compatible with the geological ages of the islands and other Canarian fauna: a colonization sequence from Africa to Tenerife and Gomera, followed by Tenerife to La Palma. The molecular phylogeny indicated that there are three Canarian endemics, G. cleobule, G. palmae and G. eversi from Tenerife, La Palma and Gomera, respectively.
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