Interspecific Aggression by the Wheatear in a High-Mountain Passerine Community

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Journal:Ornis Scandinavica
Date Published:1990
ISBN Number:00305693
Keywords:Acanthis cannabina, Agrodroma campestris, Alauda, Alauda arvensis, Alaudidae, Anthus, Anthus campestris, Carduelis, Carduelis cannabina, Communis, Communis communis, Curruca communis, Emberiza, Emberiza cia, Emberizidae, Fringillidae, Linaria, Linaria cannabina, Motacillidae, Muscicapidae, Oenanthe, Oenanthe oenanthe, Phoenicurus, Phoenicurus ochruros, Spain, Sylvia, Sylvia communis, Sylviidae
Abstract:Dominant/subordinate interspecific relationships of seven passerine species nesting in the high-mountain of the Sierra Nevada (S. Spain) were studied. The dominant species was Oenanthe oenanthe, and the subordinates Phoenicurus ochruros, Anthus campestris, Emberiza cia, Alauda arvensis, Carduelis cannabina and Sylvia communis. The degree of subordination was not related to population size, body size or foraging substrate overlap, although the dominant species' aggression was mainly directed at the two species more ecologically similar to it, viz. P. ochruros and, to a lesser degree, A. campestris. Aggressive encounters were more frequent during the reproductive period. P. ochruros was attacked by O. oenanthe five times as often as A. campestris, and this difference was attributed to their different foraging strategies.
Short Title:Ornis Scandinavica
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