Birds of Indian Subcontinent


IBIS-AVIS is an interactive platform which offers a humongous database comprising all birds of the Indian subcontinent embodied with species related information such as place of publication, protonyms, regional bibliography, vernaculars names, distributional details, old ornithological literatures, references, photographs and calls etc.
The database would provide a baseline data for birds of Indian subcontinent.
Home Page:
Home page comprises of glimpse of AVIS-IBIS database, multi-access visual bird-ID tool to identify any birds of Indian subcontinent and records of recent activities by users. It has several icons like species database, identification keys, forum, literature, media gallery and search engine to get more information about interested species.

How to Search a bird?
On the home page of AVIS-IBIS, user will find a search icon to search for profile of a specific species. The search currently consists of two options, which are explained below.
  By all – to look up entire database including results of bibliography, book excerpts, and media gallery
  By taxonomy – to carry out search of bird species by scientific name lands users to specific profile page

Species database:
It contains details of specific species profile. It has different icons listed as below.
• Overview
• Description
• Media
• Literature
• Maps
• Specimens
• Calls

Overview page has information on species nomenclature, media and hierarchy patterns of species.
  Nomenclature: This gives information on the taxonomy i.e. family, genus, place of publication, vernacular name, protonyms etc.
  Media: Provides photographs of particular species

This page carries the information from different modules like NCBI and IUCN and external links also provided to click and get more information’s of interested species.
  NCBI Data
  External links
  IUCN Data

Media shows the photographs of species with the information of scientific name, license, and creator of photographs etc.

Literature has detailed information on species from old ornithological books, papers, and extension to refindit and biodiversity heritage library.
  Book Excerpts: Provides taxonomic, morphological description of species available in copyright free literature
  ReFindit: Provides extensions for Biodiversity Heritage library

A map shows various point locations in Indian subcontinent. All point locations are from different observation modules like ebird, birdspot, gbif, migrentwatch and worldbirds. User can select or deselect it and observed map.

This icon contains museum specimens along with various details of species name, locality, date etc from all over the world.

It has collection of calls from xeno-canto to play sound of particular species.
Identification keys:
It is a unique search engine to identify birds of Indian subcontinent. Its made up of various icons on size, appearance, shape etc.

It provides Centralized repository of bibliography available for 1, 65, 000+ citations, covering major publications from India and world across

Media gallery:
It provides photographs of available species.

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