Diet of nestling Linnets ( Acanthis cannabina L.)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:Eybert, M-C, Constant, P
Journal:Journal of Ornithology
Date Published:1998
ISBN Number:2193-7192
Keywords:Acanthis, Acanthis cannabina, Carduelis cannabina, France, Fringillidae, Linaria, Linaria cannabina
Abstract:Summary The diet of nestling linnets ( Acanthis cannabina ) living on a heathland in Brittany (France) was studied by faecal pellet analysis during the 1982 and 1983 breeding seasons. Seeds composed the main part of the diet. According to month, Taraxacum officinale (Compositae), Stellaria media (Caryophyllaceae), Brassica napus (Cruciferae), Anthoxantum odoratum (Gramineae) and Euphorbia helioscopia (Euphorbiaceae) dominated. Nestling age and brood size influenced parents' food selection, especially seed size selection. The younger the nestlings, the larger the selected seeds. Increased food demands of larger broods were compensated by larger seeds selected. Adults generally fed seeds within given size limits, but these limits were not imperative. Adults were opportunistic, raising their broods with the most available seeds, such as rape ( Brassica napus ) seed, but at the same time provisioning them with weed seeds from fallow lands or meadows.
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