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Breeding success, nestling diet and parental care in the White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:Hogstad, O, Stenberg, I
Journal:Journal of Ornithology
Date Published:1997
ISBN Number:2193-7192
Keywords:Dendrocopos, Dendrocopos leucotos, Norway, Picidae, Picoides leucotos
Abstract:In western Norway, pairs of White-backed Woodpecker breeding in coastal areas ( = 4.0 eggs) and breeding success values (fledglings per egg; = 0.63) did not differ between years. The mean number of fledglings per nest was 2.4. The mean body mass of fledglings differed between years and were negatively correlated with the laying date. Fledgling mass differed between sexes (males = 87.8g, females = 84.2g), and both sexes were heavier in coastal than in inland areas. The mean hourly feeding rate of nestlings increased with nestling age, but feeding rate per nestling did not vary with nestling number. The nestling food was mainly comprised by wood-living beetle larvae ( = 72% by dry mass). It is suggested that breeding success is related to territorial quality, which, in turn, strongly influences female quality.
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