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Breeding strategies of Ravens Corvus corax in an oceanic island ecosystem (El Hierro, Canary Islands)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:Nogales, M
Journal:Journal of Ornithology
Date Published:1995
ISBN Number:2193-7192
Keywords:Corvidae, Corvus, Corvus corax
Abstract:The breeding population of Ravens on El Hierro consists of between 99 and 120 pairs. Most territories were found at altitudes of 600 metres a. s. l. or lower. Altitude had an important effect on the early stages of clutches, especially in the lower zones or in those at heights less than 900 metres a. s. l. There were no great differences in the timing of nesting in comparison with continental areas. Clutch size and breeding success were lower than in practically all continental zones, which suggests a relationship to the limited resource capacity of island ecosystems.
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