Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Date Published:1989
ISBN Number:1474-919X
Keywords:Australia, Charadriiformes, Falkland Islands, Ukraine
Abstract:Book reviewed in this article: Andrle, R.F. & Carroll, J.R. (eds) 1988. The Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State. Bergerud, A.T. & Gratson, M.W. (eds) 1988. Adaptive Strategies and Population Ecology of Northern Grouse. Cooper, M.E. 1987. An Introduction to Animal Law. Goriup, P.D. (ed.) 1988. Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds. Hudson, P.J. & Rands, M.R. 1988. Ecology and Management of Gamebirds. Janssen, R.B. 1987. Birds in Minnesota. Jones, P.H. 1988. The Natural History of Bardsey. Kondratiev, A. YA. (ed.) 1988. Bulletin of the Working Group on Waders. Lardelli, R. 1988. Atlante degli Uccelli Nidificanti net Mendrisiotto. Marle, J.G. van & Voous, K.H. 1988. The Birds of Sumatra. B.O.U. Check-list No. 10. Palmer, R.S. (ed.) 1988. Handbook of North American Birds; Volumes 4 & 5: Diurnal Raptors. Rose, M.R. 1987. Quantitative Ecological Theory: an Introduction to Basic Models. Schleidt, V.M. (ed.) 1988. Der Kreis urn Konrad Lorenz. Sick, H. 1985. Ornitologia Brasileira. 3rd edition. Vols I and II. Summers-Smith, J.D. 1988. The Sparrows. Siokhin, V.D., Chernichko, I.I., Ardamatskaya, T.B. et al. 1988. Colonial Waterbirds in the Southern Ukraine: Charadriiformes. Temple, S.A. & Cary, J.R. 1987. Wisconsin Birds: A Seasonal and Geographical Guide. Trounson, D. & Trounson, M. 1987. Australia Land of Birds. Woods, R.W. 1988. Guide to Birds of the Falkland Islands.
Short Title:Ibis
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