Bird Song Activity in Relation to Breeding Cycle, Spring Weather, and Environmental Phenology

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1977
Authors:Slagsvold, T
Journal:Ornis Scandinavica
Date Published:1977
ISBN Number:00305693
Keywords:Fringilla, Fringilla coelebs, Fringillidae, Norway

Seasonal song diagrams are given for more than 20 species in forest areas in South Norway, based on 700 surveys 1968-74. Song activity was closely related to breeding cycle; double peaks were common. Maxima were reached a few days prior to egg-laying. Song activity could therefore also be used to analyse proximate timing factors for breeding. Correlations were found with temperature, snow-melt and phenophases of birch and two invertebrates, being very high in 'early' bird species. Multiple regression analysis indicated that the song peak for Fringilla coelebs was advanced when the spruce cone crop was rich; termination of song activity in summer was positively correlated with start of laying in spring and tended to occur later in warm and wet weather. The hypothesis that the breeding times of birds show smaller displacements than do the environmental phenophases is supported.

Short Title:Ornis Scandinavica
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