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An Adenovirus from a Turkey Pathogenic to Both Chicks and Turkey Poults

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1976
Authors:Cho, BR
Journal:Avian Diseases
Date Published:1976
ISBN Number:00052086
Keywords:Meleagris, Meleagris gallopavo, Phasianidae
Abstract:An adenovirus, designated T-75 isolant, was isolated from the cloacal swab of a clinically normal turkey, 13 weeks old. The T-75 isolant was identified as an adenovirus on the basis of physicochemical properties, cytopathology, and agar-gel precipitin test. Producing two-way cross-neutralization reactions with CELO virus, the isolant was classified as an avian adenovirus of serotype 1. The T-75 isolant was pathogenic to both chicks and turkey poults, causing hepatitis, respiratory disease, atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius, and/or growth depression of experimentally inoculated birds, varying with the host and route of inoculation.
Short Title:Avian Diseases
Taxonomic name: 
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