Birds of Indian Subcontinent

334. Chaetornis locustelloides

334. Chaetornis locustelloides, (Blyth),

Blyth, J. a. S. B. xi: p. 6o2; Sharpe, Cat. B. Br. Mus. vii. p. 130. Dasyornis collurioceps, Blyth tom. cii. p. 603, Chaetornis striata. Gray, Gett. B. i.p. 167, pl. 48, fig. 9; yerd., B. Ind. ii. p. 72, No. 441 ; Ball, Str. F. 187S, p. 288; Butler, Str. F. 1877, p. 209; Ball, t. c. p. 416 ; Hume, Str. F. 1878, p. 215 ; Cripps, t. c. p. 279; Butler, Cat. B. Sind, &c., Str. F. 1879, p. 29.—

The Grass Warbler.

Upper surface brown, the feathers streaked mesially with dark brown, and edged with fulvous or whity-brown ; lower back, rump, and upper tail coverts less broadly streaked; quills dark brown; broadly edged externally with rufescent or tawny buff; centre tail feathers dark brown, darker along the middle from where dusky bars radiate, forming dusky bands; rest of the feathers dark brown externally washed with lighter brown and tipped with white ; forehead fulvous brown ; lores dull whitish ; supercilium buffy white; throat and centre of body dull white,, yellowish buff on the chest, sides of the body, thighs, and under tail coverts ; axillaries and under wing coverts buffy white ; bill dusky brown above, fleshy brown beneath; legs brownish fleshy; irides dull greyish brown.

Letigth.—7.75 to 8 inches ; wing 3.3 to 3.5; tail 3.3 to 3.73 ; tarsus 1.1; bill at front 0.46 to 0.5.

Hab,—Bengal, Southern India, and Central India. It has been found on the Neilgherries and at Nellore during the cold season in long grass and rice-fields, also in thickets of reeds. Its habits are quite those of Megalurus.

The Avi Fauna Of British India And Its Dependencies
Murray, James A. The Avifauna of British India and Its Dependencies. Vol. 1. 1888.
Title in Book: 
334. Chaetornis locustelloides
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Book Author: 
James Murray
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Common name: 
Grass Warbler
Bristled Grassbird
Chaetornis striata
Vol. 1
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