Birds of Indian Subcontinent


AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
1838Speaking canary bird
Thompson, W1838XXV.—On the snowy owl, Surnia nyctea, Dumeril
Smith, J1838Nest and eggs of the water rail (Rallus aquaticus)
1838Otis tarda
Hancock, J1838XXVII.—Remarks on the Greenland and Iceland falcons, showing that they are distinct species
SYKES, WILLIAMHENRY1839On the Quails and Hemipodii of India
Thompson, W1839XIII.—Note on the Migration of the Snowy Owl, Surnia nyctea, Dum
Thompson, W1839XXXIX.—On the breeding of the woodcock (Scolopax rusticola, Linn.), in Ireland
1840Hirundo purpurea, Purple Martin of America, shot in Britain
1840On the Organs of Secretion in Plants. A prize question crowned in 1836, by the Royal Society of Sciences of Göttingen. By Dr. F. J. F. Meyen. With Nine Plates. Berlin, 1837
Pratt, SPeace1841XIX.—Description of some new Species of Ammonites found in the Oxford Clay on the line of the Great Western Railway near Christian Malford
Strickland, HE1842XLVI.—On the rediscovery of Halcyon smyrnensis (Linn.) in Asia Minor
Landsborough, D1843XL.—On the History and Habits of the Rook, Corvus frugilegus, Linn
Waterhouse, GR1843XXXII.—Descriptions of three new species of the Coleopterous genus Gyriosomus, Collected in Chile by T. Bridges, Esq.
Montagne, M1843XVI.—Considerations on the tribe of the Podaxineæ, and description of the new genus Gyrophragmium
Strickland, HE1844XXVIII.—Notes on Mr. Blyth's “Further notice of the species of Birds occurring in the vicinity of Calcutta.”
Strickland, HE1844VI.—Notes on Mr. Blyth's List of Birds from the vicinity of Calcutta
Strickland, HE1845XLIX.—Further notice respecting Cyanocitta superciliosa, a supposed new species of Blue Jay
Strickland, HE1845XXXV.—On Cyanocitta, a proposed new genus of Garrulinæ, and on C. superciliosa, a new species of blue Jay, hitherto confounded with C. ultramarina, Bonap
Thompson, W1845Occurrence of the belted Kingfisher, Alcedo Alcyon, Linn., in Ireland
Thompson, W1846Additional note on the Belted Kingfisher, Alcedo Alcyon, Linn., obtained in Ireland
Agassiz, L1847On the Moose and Carabou, and on the American Raven
1847Illustrations of British Mycology. By Mrs. T. I. Hussey. Reeve, Brothers. 4to. Parts 1 & 2
Forster, GJos.1847On the habits of the honey buzzard in confinement
Cabot1848A comparison between Sterna Cantiaca, Gm., of Europe, and Sterna acuflavida, nobis, hitherto considered identical with S. Cantiaca, and a description of a new species of Wren
Carr, R1848On the habits of the tawny owl, Strix Stridula
1848The Dodo and its kindred; or the history, affinities, and osteology of the Dodo, solitaire, and other extinct birds of the Islands Mauritius, Rodriguez, and Bourbon. By H. E. Strickland, M.A., F.G.S., F.R.G.S.; and A. G. Melville, M.D. Edin., M.R.C.S. Lon
1848The British Desmidieæ. By John Ralfs, M.R.C.S. Pp. xxii. & 226. Tab. 35. 8vo. Reeve, Benham and Reeve, 1848
Gambel, W1849Description of a new Mexican quail
Smith, F1849XLV.—Observations on the synonymy of the genus Nomada of Fabricius, belonging to the family of cuckoo or parasitic bees
McAndrew, R1852XI.—Note of the mollusca observed during a short visit to the Canary and Madeira Islands, &c., in the months of April and May 1852
Bryant, G1852Late appearance of the Swallow
1852Parks and Pleasure-Grounds, or Practical Notes on Country Residences, Villas, Public Parks and Gardens. By Charles H. J. Smith, Landscape Gardener and Garden Architect, &c. &c. London: Reeve, 1852, post 8vo, pp. 290
Gould, J1852VI. Remarks on Notornis Mantellii.
1853Popular Physical Geology. By J. B. Jukes, F.R.S. 12mo. Reeve and Co., London, 1853
Gray, GR1854On a new species of Suthora from China
1854Notice of a New Indian Swallow. By Frederic Moore, Assist. East Ind. Comp. Museum.
Brehm, CLudwig1854Der grosse Würger (Lanius excubitor Lin.) and einige seiner Verwandten
M. Malherbe, A1854Nouvelles espèces de Picidae
1854The botanist's word-book: an etymological and explanatory vocabulary of the terms employed in the science of botany. By G. Macdonald and J. Allan. London: Reeve & Co., 1853
1854A narrative of travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro, with an account of the native tribes and observations on the climate, geology, and natural history of the amazon valley. By A. R. Wallace. Pp. 541. 8vo. London, 1853. Reeve & Co.
Gloger, G1854Das zweimalige Brüten der Gallinula chloropus
Hancock, J1854XI.—Note on the Greenland and Iceland Falcons
Brandt, B1854Einige Worte über Aquila leucorypha Pall
König-Warthansen, Rv.1855Zur Naturgeschichte des Mauerläufers, Tichodroma muraria Illig
Moore, F1855Notice of a new Indian Swallow
1855First steps in economic botany, for the use of students. By Thomas Croxen Archer. London: Reeve, 1854. 12mo
Hellmann, A1856Beitrag zur Ptilographie und Anatomie der Hirundo rustica
.L.S., P1856Description of a new species of Swift
1856A popular history of palms and their allies. By Berthold Seemann, Ph.D. &c. London: Reeve. 1856


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