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Reichenow, A1877Systematische Uebersicht der Schreitvögel (Gressores) , einer natürlichen, die Ibidae, Ciconidae, Phoenicopteridae, Scopidae, Balaenicipidae und Ardeidae umfassenden Ordnung
Reichenow, A1877Systematische Uebersicht der Schreitvögel (Gressores) , einer natürlichen, die Ibidae, Ciconidae, Phoenicopteridae, Scopidae, Balaenicipidae und Ardeidae umfassenden Ordnung
Nicholson, F1878On an apparently new Species of American Pipit.
Finsch, O1878On a new Species of Starling.
Seebohm, H1878On the Identity of Horornis fortipes, Hodgs., Neornis assimilis, Gray, Horeites robustipes, Swinhoe, Horeites pallidus, Brooks, and Horeites brunnescens, Hume.
Elliot, DG1878Remarks upon the Phasianus ignitus of Latham and the allied Species
Elliot, DG1878Remarks on certain Species of the Corvidae and Paradiseidæ, with a Description of an apparently new Species of Cyanocorax
Brüggemann, F1878XXXVIII.—Note on Artamus monachus
Legge, WV1878XXI.—Description of a new Scops Owl from Ceylon
Wood-Mason, J1878On the Structure and Development of the Trachea in the Indian Painted Snipe (Rhynchœa capensis).
Garrod, AH1878Note on Points in the Anatomy of Levaillant's Darter (Plotus levaillanti).
Forbes, WA1878Reports on the Collections of Birds made during the Voyage of H.M.S. ‘Challenger.’—No. VII. On the Birds of Cape York and the neighbouring Islands (Raine, Wednesday, and Booby Islands).
R. Sharpe, B1878Contributions to the Ornithology of New Guinea. —Part III. On a new Species of Goshawk from the Island of Jobi.
Sclater, PL18792. On the Breeding of the Argus Pheasant and other Phasianidæ in the Society's Gardens.
Godwin-Austen, HH18796. Note on the Female of Lophophorus sclateri, Jerdon, from Eastern Assam
Sclater, PL1879Note on the American Crows of the Subgenus Xanthura
Goebel, H1879Beiträge zur Geschichte des Cuculus canorus
R. Sharpe, B1880XXIX.—Description of two remarkable new species of Kingfishers
Forbes, WA18805. Note on a Specimen of Denham's Bustard (Eupodotis denhami)
Elliot, W18807. Notes on the Indian Bustard (Eupodotis edwardsi), with especial reference to its Gular Pouch
Davis, JW1880XLIV.—On a new species of Gyracanthus, a fossil fish from the coal-measures
LYTTLETON, THOMAS, Lilford, L18806. On the Breeding of the Flamingo in Southern Spain
Gurney, JH1880Note on Sumatran Specimens of Accipiter stevensoni and Scops lempiji.
Salvin, O1881Descriptions of two new Species of Wrens from Ecuador
Müller, C1881Ueber den rothrückigen Würger (Lanius collurio)
1881A handbook of the vertebrate fauna of Yorkshire, being a catalogue of British mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, showing what species are or have, within historical periods, been found in the county. By W. Eagle Clarke and W. Denison Roebuc
Collett, R1881Tringa temminckii und minuta und deren Brüten in Norwegen
Forbes,, W. A.1881Note on Mr. Bartlett's Communication on the Habits of the Darter.
Bartlett, AD1881Remarks upon the Habits of the Darter (Ploius anhinga).
M'Lachlan, R1882The Neuroptera of Madeira and the Canary Islands.
Meyer, AB1882XVII.—On Ninox rudolfi, a new Species of Hawk-Owl from the Malay Archipelago
Sclater, PL1882Note on Rüppell's Parrot.
Forbes, WA1882On some Points in the Anatomy of the Indian Darter (Plotus melanogaster), and on the Mechanism of the Neck in the Darters (Plotus), in connexion with their Habits.
Tristram, HB1883On the Position of the Acrocephaline Genus Tatare, with Descriptions of two new Species of the Genus Acrocephalus
Ridgway, R1884Probable Breeding of the Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra americana) in Central Maryland
R. Sharpe, B1884On an apparently new Species of European Nuthatch
R. Sharpe, B1884Further Notes on Whitehead's Nuthatch
Chamberlain, M1884Nest and Eggs of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula)
Drew, FM1884Notes on Lagopus Leucurus
Batchelder, CF1884Description of the First Plumage of Clarke's Crow
J. Fewkes, W1884Do Crows Carry Objects in Their Claws?
Chamberlain, M1884Prehensile Feet of the Crow (Corvus frugivorus)
Chamberlain, M1884The Crow (Corvus frugivorus) as a Fisherman
Wintle, ED1884The Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus)
Shalow, H1884Notes on 'Lanius cristatus' and 'L. borealis,' of Nelson's 'Birds of Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean'
Banks, JW1884The Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) in Confinement
Carpenter, FH1884The Nest of the Saw-Whet Owl
Nelson, EW1884The Breeding Habits of the Pectoral Sandpiper (Actodromas maculata)
Holterhoff, G1884Eskimo Curlew at San Diego, Cal.
Traquair, RH1884IV.—Notes on the genus Gyracanthus, Agassiz


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