Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Date Published:1988
ISBN Number:1474-919X
Keywords:Asia, Australia, Cinclidae, Cinclus, Cinclus cinclus, Colombia, Dendrocolaptidae, Europe, Formicariidae, Furnariidae, Israel, Melopsittacus undulatus, Nymphicus hollandicus, Phasianus colchicus, Thailand, United Kingdom, World
Abstract:Book reviewed in this article: Brown, B. T., Carotheks, S. W., & Johnson, R. R. 1987. Grand Canyon Birds. Brown, D. E. 1985. Arizona Wetlands and Waterfowl. Cheng, T.-H. (Zheng, Z.). 1986. Birds of the World: Latin, Chinese, and English. Feige, K.-D. 1986. Der Pirol. Pp. 216, 92 figures (many black-and-white photographs), 24 tables. Die Neue Brehm-Biicherei 578. Wittenberg Lutherstadt: A. Ziemsen Verlag. Fraga, R. & Narosky, S. 1985. Nidificacion de las Aves Argentinas (Formicariidae a Cinclidae). GWINNER, E. 1986. Circannual Rhythms: Endogenous Annual Clocks in the Organization of Seasonal Processes. Harwood, M. (ed.) 1985. Proceedings of Hawk Migration Conference IV. Pp. 393, various tables and figures. Hawk Migration Association of North America. Hilty, S. L. & Brown, W. L. 1986. A Guide to the Birds of Colombia. Ito, J., Brown, L. & Kikkawa, J. 1987. Animal Societies: Theories and Facts. Kavanau, J. L. 1987. Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Budgerigars: Behavior and Evolution. Knystautas, A. J. V. & Sibnev, J. B. 1987. Die Vogelwelt Ussuriens. Lane, B. A. 1987. Shorebirds in Australia. MEDMARAVIS and MonbailliuX. (eds). 1986. Mediterranean Marine Avifauna: Population Studies and Conservation. Narosky, S., Fraga, R. &de la Pe∼a, M. 1983. Nidificacion de las Aves Argentinas (Dendrocolaptidae y Furnariidae) Fraga, R. & Narosky, S. 1985. Nidificacion de las Aves Argentinas (Formicariidae a Cinclidae) Noval, A. 1986. Guia de las Aves de Asturias. O'Connor, R. J. & Shrubb, M. 1986. Farming and Birds. Paz, U. 1986. The Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel. Perrins, C. M. 1987. Collins New Generation Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe. Perry, K. 1987. The Irish Dipper. Ridley, M. (ed.) 1986. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Pheasants in Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 26–28 January 1986. Rubenstein, D. I. & Wrangham, R. W. (eds) 1986. Ecological Aspects of Social Evolution: Birds and Mammals. Skutch, A. F. 1987. Helpers at Birds' Nests: a Worldwide Survey of Cooperative Breeding and Related Behavior. Solomonov, N. G. (ed.) 1987. Red Data Book of the Yakut ASSR: Rare and Endangered Species of Animals. (Russian.) Ulrich, T. J. 1984. Birds of the Northern Rockies. Wink, M. 1987. Die Vogel des Rheinlandes, III. Atlas zur Brutvogelverbreitung.
Short Title:Ibis
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