Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1992
Date Published:1992
ISBN Number:1474-919X
Keywords:Athene, Athene noctua, Corvidae, Corvus, Corvus corone, Corvus levaillantii, Corvus macrorhynchos, France, Guinea, Ireland, Noctua, Pakistan, Passeriformes, Perdix, Perdix perdix, Regulus, Regulus satrapa, Satrapa, Strigidae, Thailand, United Kingdom
Abstract:Book reviewed in this article: Beehler, B.M. 1991. A Naturalist in New Guinea Berthold, P. 1990. Vogelzug: eine kurze. aktuelle Gesamtübersicht Bezzel, E. & Prinzinger, R. 1990. Ornithologie Bub, H. 1991. Bird Trapping and Bird Banding Burger, J. (ed.). 1988 Burke, T., Dolf, G., Jeffreys, A.J. & Wolff, R. (eds) 1991. DNA Fingerprinting: approaches and applications Croxall, J.P. (ed.). 1991. Seabird Status and Conservation: a supplement Erard, C. 1990. Ecologie et Comportement de Gobe-mouches Galati, R. 1991. Golden-crowned Kinglets, Treetop Nesters of the North Woods Johnsgard, P.A. 1988. North American Owls: biology and natural history Johnsgard, P.A. 1991. Bustards. Hemipodes, and Sandgrouse: birds of dry places Kuroda, N. 1990. The Jungle Crows of Tokyo Lekagul, B. & Round, P.D. 1991. Birds of Thailand Lloyd, C. Tasker, M.L. & Partridge, K. 1991. The Status of Seabirds in Britain and Ireland Lörhl, H. 1991. Die Haubenmeise Loye, J. E. & Zuk, M. (eds) 1991. Bird-Parasite Interactions: ecology, evolution and behaviour Mitchell, A. 1989. The Fragile South Pacific: an ecological odyssey Olney, P.J.S. & Ellis, P. (eds) 1990. International Zoo Yearbook 1989, Vol. 29 Owen, M. & Black, J.M. 1990. Waterfowl Ecology Roberts, T.J. 1991. The Birds of Pakistan. Vol. 1; Regional studies and non-passeriformes Schonn S., Scherzinger W., Exo K-L. & Ille R. 1991. Der Steinkauz. Athene noctua. Pp. 235, 139 monochrome photographs, 28 tables & 2 colour plates Sibley, C.C. & Ahlquist, J.E. 1990. Phylogeny and Classification of Birds: a study in molecular evolution Skutch, A.F. 1991. Life of the Pigeon Stroud, D. & Glue, D. 1991. Britain's Birds in 1989–90: The conservation and monitoring review Yeatman-Bekthelot, D. 1991. Atlas des Oiseaux de France en Hiver.
Short Title:Ibis
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