88. Turnix blanfordi

88. Turnix blanfordi.


Ngon, Burma.

Male 6 1/2". female 7". Legs yellow. Bill brown. A larger race of T. tanki. Throughout Assam, Burma, and China, but not S. of Tenasserim. (B. 1386.)

Also with shoulder-feathers edged golden buff.

T. whiteheads Whitehead's B.Q. from the Philippines. male 4.4". Mid-tail lengthened. Back nearly uniform in colour.

T. maculosa. Temminck's B.Q. from Australia to the Celebes. Like T. blanfordi, but shoulder-feathers edged golden buff. male 5.1". female 5.8".

T. saturata. The New Britain B. Q. Like T. maculosa, but with no rufous collar. male 5".

T. rufescens. Wallace's B. Q. from Timor. male 5.2". Upper plumage as in T. maculosa, and with rufous breast as in T. saturata. (O. G. ii. 281, 282.)

C. Neck and breast uniform rufous. Upper tail-coverts covering the true tail. Sexes differ.

T. ocellata. The Chestnut-breasted B. Q. from the Philippines. male 6.4". Chin and mid-throat white. No rufous nuchal collar. Black ocelli on wing-coverts. female 6.9". Throat black. Neck, chest, and breast uniform chestnut. A rufous collar.

(ii.) Leg (metatarsus) equal to or shorter than mid toe and claw.

T. nigricollis. The Madagascar B.Q. male 5.5". Chin and throat white. Mid-chest and flanks buff, barred black. female 5.8". Chin, throat, and mid-chest black. Breast and belly grey.

T. melanogaster. The Black-breasted B.Q. from E. Australia. male 6.3". Chin and mid-throat pure white. Chest and breast buff, with V-shaped black bars. female 7.5". Sides of face and throat black. Chest and "breast black, tipped white.

T. varia. The Variegated B.Q. from Australia. male 6.4". No rufous collar. Chest buff, irregularly spotted grey. female 7.6". Wing-coverts with irregular white spots, black edged. Chest grey, with spatulate buff shaft stripe.

T. castanonota. The Chestnut-backed B. Q. from N. Australia. Male like female, but smaller. female 6". Wing-coverts with white and black ocelli. Chest and breast grey, with white shaft stripes.

T. pyrrhothorax. The Rufous-chested B.Q. from N. E., E., and S. Australia. male 5.2". Resembles female. female 6". Chest, sides of breast, and flanks rufous.

T. velox. The Swift B.Q. from Australia. male 5 1/2'. Similar to female. female 5.5". Above dull red. Sides of head and chest light red.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
88. Turnix blanfordi
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Burmese Button Quail
Turnix tanki blanfordii
4th ed.
Term name: 

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