1280. Butreron capellii

1280. Butreron capellii.

The large Thick-billed Green Pigeon.

Columba capellei, Temm. Pl. Col. pl. 143 (1823). Treron capellei, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 848; id. Cat. p. 228; Hume, S. F. viii, p. 67. Butreron capellii, Bonap. Consp. Av. ii, p. 9; Anderson, Jour. Linn. Soc, Zool. xxi, p. 152; Salvadori, Cat. B. M. xxi, p. 32.

Coloration. Male. Olive-green above, with a greyish tint, forehead paler; upper tail-coverts and middle tail-feathers brighter and yellower: on the tertiary quills the olive passes into the blackish slaty of the primaries, secondaries, and greater coverts; greater and median coverts and inner secondaries, not tertiaries, with bright yellow outer edges; outer tail-feathers black with broad grey tips, some green appearing on those near the middle pair; lower parts paler olive than upper; .upper breast dull yellowish orange ; lower tail-coverts brownish maroon, lower flank-feathers with buff edges ; wing inside slaty grey.

The female has a yellowish patch on the breast, much paler than in the male, and the under tail-coverts are olive with buff edges.

Bill pale green; irides dark brown : legs and feet yellow (Nicholson) ; irides" golden yellow (Harteri).

Length about 16 ; tail 5; wing 8; tarsus 1.1; bill from gape 1.4.

Distribution. Mergui Archipelago, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java. A single specimen was obtained on Elphinstone Island, near Mergui, by Dr. Anderson.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds
Blanford, William Thomas, ed. The Fauna of British India: Including Ceylon and Burma. Vol. 4. 1898.
Title in Book: 
1280. Butreron capellii
Book Author: 
William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Large Thick Billed Green Pigeon
Large Green Pigeon
Treron capellei
Vol. 4
Term name: 

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