330. Podicipes philippensis

331. Podicipes capensis.

Male 9 1/2 Legs black. Bill black above, orange below. Differs from P. fluviatilis in having basal portion of primaries and almost entire webs of secondaries white with white shafts. Madagascar and Africa, across S. W. Asia to India, Burma, and Ceylon. (B.M. Cat., xxvi. 513.)

Also P. fluviatilis. 9 1/2". The Little Grebe or Dabchick. Chestnut on sides of head separated from hinder margin of eye by a wide blackish tract. Under parts mostly black. C. and S. Europe, ranging into C. Asia and Japan.

P. tricolor. 9 1/2". With chin blackish, throat and feathers below eye chestnut, below mostly black. From Borneo and Celebes to New Guinea.

P, novae hollandiae. 9 1/2". Chin and throat black. Foreneck sooty. Band from eye down side of neck chestnut. Java, Australia, and New Guinea.

P. pelzelni. 9 1/2". Chin, throat, and foreneck white. Chestnut patch on each side of nape. From Madagascar.

P. dominicus. 8 1/2". Chin and throat black. Sides of head and neck uniform grey. From C. and S. America and W. Indies.

Also with long hair-like feathers on each side of head:—

P. poliocephalus. 9 1/2". Breast and below silvery white. From Australia and Tasmania.

P. rufipectus. 11". Chest chestnut. Inner primaries and secondaries tipped dark brown. From New Zealand.

P. americanus. 11 1/2". Ear-coverts white, breast and below rufous. From S. America.

Also the genus Podilymbus, or Thick-billed Grebes. With feathers of forehead bristly. Males much larger than females. One species, viz.—

P. podicipes. male 14" . female 12". The Pied-billed Grebe. From N. and S. America.

Also the genus Aechmophorus. With culmen slightly upturned. Nuptial and winter plumage alike. Two species, viz.—

AE. major. 26". Chin and throat dark grey. From S. America.

AE. occidentalis. male 26 1/2", female 18 1/2". From N. America. (B. M. Cat., xxvi. 5 7-558.)

Also the family COLYMBIDAE


Hind toe on a level with others. Anterior toes united by a web. Short tail of eighteen or twenty stiff feathers. Primaries eleven.

One genus, Colymbus. Peculiar to Northern Hemisphere, frequenting seas in preference to fresh water. Nest of water plants near water, with two or three eggs, olive, with dark spots. Five species, viz.—

C. septentrionalis. 24". The Red-throated Diver. Above ash-brown, spotted white. Bill black. Head and neck streaked black and white, and patched grey. Circumpolar, ranging south in winter to the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas, S. China, California, and Florida.

C. arcticus. 28". The Black-throated Diver. Above uniform brown. Wing-coverts spotted white. Bill black. Head and neck streaked black and white, and patched grey. Iceland, N. Europe, and Asia, ranging south in winter to Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas.

C. pacificus. 24". A subspecies resembling 0. arcticus, but with neck smoky white. N. America, also recorded from Japan.

C. glacialis. 33". The Great Northern Diver. Above ash-brown, margined grey. Throat with two black rings, and two black and white rings streaked vertically. Bill black. N. America, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Asia to Behring Straits, south in winter to Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean Sea.

C. adamsi. 36". The White-billed Diver. Similar to C. glacialis, but bill is pale yellow or whitish. North of N. America and Asia, ranging south in winter to Japan, and occasionally to Norway and the British Isles. (B.M. Cat., xxvi. 485-501.)

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
330. Podicipes philippensis
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Tachybaptus ruficollis philippensis
4th ed.

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