847. Sylvia nana nana

(847) Sylvia nana nana (Hemp. & Ehr.).
Sylvia nana nana, Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. ii, p. 449.
The extent of this bird’s breeding area is not really yet known. Hartert gives it as “West Transcaspia and the Steppes to Sir Darya, Turkestan, South and East Persia, Baluchistan, East Turkestan to Alaschan.”
I have had three nests and eggs sent me from the mountains above Yazd, in Persia. With the first eggs, sent me as Goldfinches !, I got no skin, but with the next two I received one with a letter from the collector, Mr. Petherick, saying :—“These two are, the same as the one clutch I sent you a short time ago but they are not Goldfinches, and I am sorry to say are only Whitethroats of sorts, as you will see from the skin. The nests were both in masses of brambles and roses.” The skin sent is that of nana and the two nests were fragile, deep little cups of grass-bents and what Petherick calls “twigs,” but which are merely very fine hard roots. They are both lined with down of some seed, making a regular thin felt. They were too much knocked about to measure. The first nest was. taken on the 17th June at 10,000 feet and contained four eggs, the other two, taken on the 24th and 25th of June, contained four and five eggs respectively.
I have also another nest, said to be of this bird, taken by a friend of Mr. J. Stewart on the Dicean Hills, Sind. Knowing them to be new, Stewart sent them on. Beyond the fact that they were taken at the place named, the only details I could get were given in a letter from Mr. Stewart—“I believe the eggs were taken in the last week in April, and the nest was just the ordinary Whitethroat’s nest in a low bush. At the same time I did not know that White- throats were found in barren, rocky mountains like these.”
Of the four clutches of eggs, three have the ground pure white, the fourth dull brownish-white. The primary markings consist of brown and pale sienna blotches, fairly numerous at the larger end and sparse elsewhere. The secondary markings are of paler grey and still paler sienna.
Sixteen eggs, including the three Baluchistan eggs, average 17.5 x 13.1 mm. : maxima 18-1 x 13-0 and 18-0 X13-6 mm. ; minima. 16.5 x 13.0 and 17.0 x 12.6 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 2. 1933.
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847. Sylvia nana nana
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Desert Warbler
Asian Desert Warbler
Sylvia nana
Vol. 2
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