544. Temenuchus pagodarum

544. Temenuchus pagodarum.

The Black-headed Myna.

Turdus pagodarum, Gm. Syst. Nat. i, p. 816 (1788). Sturnia pagodarum (Gm.), Blyth, Cat. p. 110; Hume, Cat. no. 687; Legge, Birds Ceyl. p. 677; Oates, B. B. i, p. 382; Barnes, Birds Bom. p. 256. Temenuchus pagodarum (Gm.), Horsf. & M. Cat. ii, p. 528; Jerd. B. I. ii, p. 329; Hume, N. & E. p. 432; Sharpe, Cat. B. M. xiii, p. 73 ; Oates in Hume's N. & E. 2nd ed. i, p. 374.
Popoya mains, Bamuni maina, Puhaia, Hind.; Monghyr pawi, Beng.; Pabiya pawi at Muttra ; Papata gorinki, Tel.; Popata pariki, Rawanati, Tam.; Martintro, Port, in Ceylon.

Coloration. Head from forehead to nape with crest black; sides of the head, sides and back of the neck, and the whole lower plumage as far as the vent rich buff, the feathers of the back of the neck, throat, and breast much elongated and with the shafts pale; vent, thighs, and under tail-coverts white; whole upper plumage (except the parts already described), the wing-coverts, tertiaries, and secondaries grey, a few of the feathers of the back with buff shaft-streaks; primaries and primary-coverts black, the former tipped with grey ; tail brown, broadly tipped with white ; the middle pair of feathers wholly greyish brown with black shafts.

The young are buffy brown, somewhat rufous beneath and on the sides of the head; crown of head dark brown.

Bill blue at the base, then greenish, yellow at the tip ; irides greenish white; legs bright yellow (Jerdon).

Length 8.5 ; tail 3 ; wing 4.3 ; tarsus 1.15 ; bill from gape 1.05.

Distribution. The whole of India proper as far east as the longitude of Calcutta; Ceylon. This species is found throughout the Himalayas ordinarily up to 4000 feet, but it occasionally occurs in summer, as at Gilgit, at 8000 feet. It extends into Afghanistan.

Blyth, probably by some mistake, records this bird from Arrakan, and Jerdon from Assam.

Habits, &c. Chiefly a ground feeder. Breeds from May to August, constructing a flimsy nest of grass and feathers in a hole of a tree or a building, and laying from three to five eggs, which measure about .97 by .75.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
OATES EW. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.1 1889.
Title in Book: 
544. Temenuchus pagodarum
Book Author: 
Eugene William Oates, Edited by William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Black Headed Myna
Brahminy Starling
Sturnia pagodarum
Vol. 1
Term name: 

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