65. Bulaca sinensis

No. 65 BIS. Bulaca Sinensis. LATHAM.


Strix. Orientalis, Shaw. Gen. Zool. VII. 257.

„ Seloputo. Horsf. Trans. linn. Soo. xiii. p. 140.

„ Pagodarum. Tem. Pl. Col. 230.

Ulula Seloputo. Schleg. Mus, P. B. Striges, p. 22.

I know nothing personally of this species, and can find nothing recorded of its nidification; I merely follow Mr. Blyth in the above synonymy. He says, that Strix Sinensis of Latham, is clearly the S. Seloputo of Horsfield, " of the Malayan region, spreading into the Tenasserim provinces and Siam, and doubtless into China; as distinguished from B. Ocellata (Syrnium ocellatum, Lesson, Rev. Zool., 1839, p. 289) of India, which has not been observed eastward of the Bay of Bengal. Latham had merely seen a drawing from India (doubtless Hardwicke's) which he thought might refer to his S. Sinensis ; but both Latham's and Shaw's descriptions clearly indicate the Malayan species."

Latham's description is, however, to my mind, by no means clearly indicative, of any particular species, and would answer about equally well for several species. He says:

" Length 17 inches, bill dusky black; face pale, with dusky markings, and the feathers surrounding it, marked with dusky; plumage in general, above, ferruginous chestnut, marked the rest of the lower parts are pure white, intersected by widely separated, very regular, narrow, transverse brown bars.

The iris is yellow. Length 17 to 19, (French) inches, (equal to from 18 to 20.12 English inches).

Yearling birds have the tarsi clad in whitish down. The face is dusky, and the whole plumage has a light rufous tinge. The lower parts are barred, much as in the adult. The feathers of the upper parts exhibit, regular, transverse, white, and light rufous bands ; the white bands are encircled, (as in the adult) but they are much larger than in the latter. The changes effected by successive moults in the shape of these broad enframed bands, produce intermediate varieties. In some the upper parts exhibit brown, white and rufescent, zig-zags. In old birds the white spots are small and isolated.,,

My Scrap Book
Hume, Allan Octavian, ed. My Scrap Book: Or, Rough Notes on Indian Oology and Ornithology. Vol. 1. 1869.
Title in Book: 
65. Bulaca sinensis
Book Author: 
Allan Octavian Hume
Page No: 
Common name: 
Malayan Wood Owl
Mottled Wood Owl
Strix ocellata
Vol. 1
Term name: 

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