279. Sitta amurensis

279. Subsp. Sitta amurensis.
Sitta amurensis, Swinhoe, P.Z.S. 1871, p. 350 ; Gadow, Cat. B. Br. Mus. viii. p. 345 ; Pleske, Prjevalsky’s Reisen. ii. p. 173, Taf. ix. fig. 3.
Kimawari, Jap.
Ad. (Japan). Differs from S. europoea in having the sides of the breast, axillaries, abdomen, and flanks ochraceous buff, the flanks washed with chestnut. Culmen 0.75, wing 3.2, tail 1.75, tarsus 0.72 inch.
Hab. Southern Siberia, Mongolia, N. China, and Japan.
This, an eastern representative of S. coesia, does not differ from that species in habits. Specimens from Mongolia have the abdomen and flanks darker coloured, and that figured by prjevalsky has these parts as dark as in S. coesia. Those from Hakodadi, Japan, have the under parts white, with the very faintest tinge of buff on the abdomen, the forehead, and a broad supercilium white, and very little chestnut on the flanks. Others from Sapporo, Japan, have the upper parts similar, but the abdomen is pale buff. These run very small, measuring : culmen 0.68 to 0.72, wing 3.2, tail 1.67 to 1.7, tarsus 0.68 to 0.7 inch. One specimen from Khobdo, Mongolia, has the upper parts similar, but scarcely a trace of buff on the abdomen, it being nearly pure white, and measures only : culmen 0.7, wing 3.15, tail 1.65, tarsus 0'65 inch. These I take to be Sitta amurensis clara, Stejn, but some of these birds have so little trace of buff on the abdomen that it is difficult to know whether to refer them to uralensis or amurensis.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 1. 1902.
Title in Book: 
279. Sitta amurensis
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Sitta europaea amurensis
Vol. 1

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