297. Rhodonessa caryophyllacea

297. Rhodonessa caryophyllacea.


Saknal, Bengal; Lal sira, India; Doomrar, Nepal; Doomar, Tirhoot.

Male 24". Legs black. Bill rosy, tip bluish.— In summer : Rosy tuft. Plumage chocolate. Wing-lining pink.— Female ; More dull. Vertex with brown spot. India, Assam, and N. Burma. Nine eggs (1.78 x 1.66). (J. 960. B. 1586.)

Also the genus Pteronetta. With plumage plain, with no mottlings and no metallic speculum as in Asarcornis, but the frontal feathers in a straight line. One species from Equatorial Africa, viz. P. hartlaubi, 22", legs brown, bill black with yellow band, head and upper neck black, a white square patch on frontal edge. Plumage chestnut, tail brown.

Also with lores naked :—

The genus Plectropterus. With forehead and base of bill furnished with caruncles. Four species, viz.—

P. gambensis. 38". Legs flesh colour. Bill coral-red. Above metallic black, glossed green. Breast and sides black. Sides of head, throat, upper wing-coverts, abdomen, thighs, and under tail-coverts white. Frontal knob and bare rhomboidal spaces on sides of neck. Equatorial Africa.

P. ruppelli. 40". Similar to P. gambensis, but with very high frontal knob. N. E. Africa.

P. niger. 38". Legs dull red. Bill crimson. Similar to P. gambensis, but with small frontal knob, many caruncles on naked skin of forehead, and no bare spaces on sides of neck. Throat and under tail-coverts black. S.E. Africa.

P. scioanus. Similar to P. niger, but with scarcely any frontal knob, and no caruncles on forehead. Shoa.

Also the genus Cairina. With wings without spurs. One species— C. moschata, 29", the Muscovy Duck, legs black, bill black and pink, head, crest, neck, and below brown-black, hind neck and back dark green, glossed purple and margined black, upper and under wing-coverts white, Tropical America.

Also the subfamily ANSERANATINAE.

Feet semipalmated. Hind toe very long, and on same level with the others. One genus, Anseranas, one species, viz.— A. semipalmata, 38", head, neck, mantle, wings, tail, and thighs black. Back, rump, breast, abdomen, upper and under tail-coverts white, Australia and Tasmania.

Also the subfamily CHENONETTINAE.

With hind toe narrowly lobed. Usually with metallic colours or speculum on the wings. Bill rather short and goose-like. Three genera. The genus Cloephaga. Kelp Geese. With tail nearly even, upper wing-coverts white. Six species from S. America, viz.—

C. melanoptera. 28". Legs red. Bill red, nail black. Plumage white. Speculum brown, shading to dark green.— Female: The same, but smaller.

C. hybrida. 24". Legs yellow. Bill black, yellow spot at base. Plumage white.— Female: Breast barred black and white. Speculum green, black, and white.

C. magellanica. 26". Legs leaden. Bill black. Head, neck, and scapulars grey. Hind neck barred black. Breast white. Speculum grey, green, and white.— Female: Head rufous, plumage barred black and rufous.

C. inornata. Similar to C. magellanica, but breast banded black.— Female: Head grey.

C. rubidiceps. 23". Legs yellow. Bill black. Head, neck, mid-abdomen and under tail-coverts cinnamon.— Female: Similar, but smaller. Falkland Islands.

C. poliocephala. 24". Legs orange. Bill black. Head grey. Mid-breast and centre of abdomen white. Speculum grey, green, and white.— Female : Similar.

Also the genus Cyanochen. With tail graduated. Upper wing-coverts blue. One species from Abyssinia and Shoa— C. cyanopterus, 26", legs black, bill black, head and neck ashy, back, scapulars, and below brown, mottled paler, primaries and tertiaries glossy black, secondaries glossy green, tipped white.

Also the genus Chenonetta. Maned Geese. With tail graduated. Upper wing-coverts grey. One species from Australia, viz.— C. jubata, 20", legs dark brown, bill olive, head and neck brown, long plumes down back of neck chocolate. Back grey, rump, upper tail-coverts, and tail black, breast grey, mottled black, abdomen and under tail-coverts black, speculum white, green and white.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
297. Rhodonessa caryophyllacea
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Pink Headed Duck
Pink-headed Duck
Rhodonessa caryophyllacea
4th ed.

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