1971. Rhizothera longirostris longirostris

(1971) Rhizothera longirostris longirostris.


Perdix longirostis Temm., Pig. et Gall., iii, pp. 323, 721 (1815) (N. Sumatra).

Vernacular names. Selanton (Malay).

Description.— Adult male. Crown and nape rich chocolate-brown, palest on forehead; lores, supercilia, sides of head and neck rusty chestnut; a line from the nostrils through and over the eye black; a second black line at the edge of the base of the¬ upper mandible; back of the neck grey, the feathers broadly edged with velvety-black and with a few longitudinal and cross bars of chestnut; upper back reddish-brown with black blotches, the feathers margined with rufous on either web; the feathers on the sides of the back with pale buff central streaks ; lower back and rump vermiculated buff and pale grey with a few scattered black specks and spots; upper tail-coverts the same, but more rufous and the mottlings on the latter forming ill-defined bars; scapulars buff with rufous-brown edges and grey mottling; innermost secondaries chestnut-brown with deep red edges, black spots on the inner webs, buff tips and much mottled with buff and grey; wing-coverts buff, mottled with grey and brown ; primaries brown mottled with chestnut-buff on the outer webs; outer secondaries buff with mottled brown bars; chin and throat pale rusty chestnut ; neck and upper breast grey, changing to rufous-buff on the lower breast and flanks and again to almost pure white on the vent and abdomen; under tail-coverts pale rufous.

Colours of soft parts. "Iris burnt umber; bill black; legs lemon-yellow" (Herbert).

Measurements. Length about 220 mm.; wing 189 to 211 mm.; tail 80 to 90 mm.; tarsus about 55 to 63 mm.; culmen 28 to 33 mm.

Female. The grey of the neck and breast is replaced by rufous-chestnut ; the rump, upper tail-coverts and tail are more rusty and less grey; the rusty colour of the lower plumage is deeper and more extensive.

Measurements. Wing 180 to 202 mm.; culmen 24 to 33 mm.

A young male has traces of barring on the flanks and breast and probably this barring is still stronger in younger birds ; otherwise this specimen is like the female.

Distribution. South-West Siam and Tenasserim through the Malay Peninsula to Sumatra and West Borneo.

Nidification. Nothing recorded.

Habits. Robinson says that this Partridge is common over the whole of the Malay Peninsula in heavy jungle, preferring dense dry jungle in which there is much bamboo, up to 4,000 feet. Its note is a loud clear whistle, often heard at night.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.5 1928.
Title in Book: 
1971. Rhizothera longirostris longirostris
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Common name: 
Long Billed Wood Partridge
Long-billed Partridge
Rhizothera longirostris
Vol. 5

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