Pyrrhula nipalensis

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Figure. Gould’s Birds of Asia, Vol. V. pl. v.
English. Nepaulese Bullfinch, Brown Bullfinch.
French. Le Bouvreuil de Nepaul.
German. Der Gimpel aus Nepal.
Italian. Il monaehino da Nepaul.
Habitat. Northern and Central Regions of Nepal. S. E. Himalaya, Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bootan.
Male. Head, back and lower parts ash-coloured, tinged with brown, darkest on mantle and scapulars ; feathers on the crown, tipped with pale cinereous ; a narrow band of dark brown round the base of the bill ; band across rump, wings, outer margins of great wing-coverts, upper tail-coverts and tail purple black ; margins and tips of same black ; centre portion of tertials and the two centre tail feathers rosy-copper ; outer margin of last tertials, bright red-brown, paler at its base ; great wing-coverts broadly tipped with pale cinereous, darker at the base; spot under eye, on each aide of breast, belly, under part of wing-and coverts, band across rump, and under tail-coverts white : eye brown ; bill greenish horn, margin and tip black, lower mandible bluish black ; feet fleshy brown : length 5.4, wing 33, tail 2.8, tars. 0.7, culm. 0.4.
Female. Similar, but rather more tinged with pale brown ; the dark brown band at base of bill, less distinct; the elongated spot on the last tertial yellowish-white.
Young Male. Similar, rather more tinged with pale brown ; without the dark brown band at base of bill ; feathers on the crown, not margined with cinereous ; the black band on rump very indistinct ; the elongated spot on the last tertial, nearly as bright as in the adult : bill greenish brown, margin and tip darker, lower mandible yellowish brown, tip darker.
Nestling. Without the elongated spot on the last tertial.
“ The young at first, want this distinctive sexual mark,” (Hodgson).
THIS sombre coloured Bullfinch, which so much resembles the females of the other species known to science, was first described by Mr. B. H. Hodgson in the ‘Asiatic Researches’ in 1836, and mentioned by other ornithologists, including Mr. T. 0. Jerdon, who gives an excellent des-cription of it in his ‘Birds of India,’ 1863, at the same time, it is to be regretted that nothing is known respecting its habits, migration, or nidification.
The species was obtained by Mr. Hodgson in Nepal, it has since then been found in the S. E. Himalayas, Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Bootan.
Mr. W. E. Brooks procured it at Sikkim, a pair being in the collection of the Rev. Canon Tristram, who very kindly lent them to me. Mr. Jerdon says that in Sikkim “it is not very rare in winter, in summer seeking the higher elevations.” Mr. E. Blyth says : “It does not appear that P. Nipalensis has been observed westward of Nepal.”
Specimens examined.
No. Sex. Mus. Locality. Length. Wing. Tail. Tars. Culm.
a Male E. B. N. India. 5.4 3.3 2.8 0.7 0.4
b Female E. B. Darjeeling (Beavan) 5.4 3.3 3 0.6 0.5
c Female E. B. Darjeeling. 5.2 3.3 2.8 0.6 0.4
d Male jun. E. B. Darjeeling. 5.3 3.4 3.1 0.7 0.4
e Male E. B. India. 5.65 3.4 3 0.65 0.47
Rev. H. B. Tristram’s collection.
a Male H. B. T. Sikkim (Brooks) 6 3.3 3 0.6 0.4
b Female H. B. T. Sikkim (Brooks) 5.9 3.6 3.2 0.6 0.4
The figures are taken from a and c in my collection.

A Monograph Ploceidae And Fringillidae
Bartlett, Edward. A Monograph of the Weaver-birds, Ploceidae, and Arboreal and Terrestrial Finches, Fringillidae. 1888.
Title in Book: 
Pyrrhula nipalensis
Book Author: 
Bartlett, Edward
Page No: 
Common name: 
Nepaulese Bullfinch
Brown Bullfinch
Pyrrhula nipalensis

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