412. Otocompsa jocosa peguensis

(412) Otocompsa jocosa peguensis* Stuart Baker.
Otocompsa emeria pegue,nsis, Fauna, B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. i, p. 396.
Otocompsa jocosa peguensis, ibid. vol. viii, p. 613.
The Burmese Red-whiskered Bulbul has a very wide range, being found over practically the whole of Burma, from the Chin and Kachin Hills, through Arrakan and all the central hills of Burma, South to Tenasserim and East to Siam and the Shan States. It is also found and is very common in the Andamans and Nicobars.
There is not much on record about the breeding of this Bulbul, common and wide ranging though it is.
J. P. Cook took nests in Pegu, where it seems to be a bird of gardens and villages ; Hopwood took them both in Akyab and Tharrawaddy, whilst Osmaston found them very numerous in the Andamans.
Osmaston, in epistola, writes:โ€”โ€œ Otocompsa emeria in the Andamans is not found in the dense evergreen forest which covers a large proportion of the islands. It is a bird of the open forest and near the shores, where it gets plenty of sun. It is especially common in and around Port Blair, where many square miles have been cleared of original forest and are now under cultivation. Its nest is placed in a shrub, small tree or creeper and is a flimsy but neat shallow cup composed of fine twigs and roots, consolidated and fixed in position with cobwebs which are smeared into the twigs of which it is composed. In Port Blair they almost take the place of Sparrows, frequenting verandahs of houses, where they often breed in creepers, etc., and are extremely tame and fearless.โ€
The breeding season over most of Burma is March, April and May but eggs may sometimes be taken earlier and often much later.
The full clutch is two or three only, more often two than three and, apparently, never four.
In the Andamans Osmaston found them breeding in April and May, most birds laying in the former month.
The eggs are quite indistinguishable from those of Otocompsa j. jocosa and O. j. emeria.
Forty-five eggs average 20.7 x 15.4 mm. : maxima 22.1 x 15.5 and 22.0 x 16.0 mm. ; minima 19.9 x 15.3 and 20.3 x 14.8 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 1. 1932.
Title in Book: 
412. Otocompsa jocosa peguensis
Spp Author: 
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Common name: 
Burmese Red Whiskered Bulbul
Pycnonotus jocosus emeria
Vol. 1
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