1149. Psittinus incertus

1149. Psittinus incertus.

The Little Malayan Parrot.

Psittacus incertus, Shaw, Nat. Misc. xviii, pi. 769 (c. 1807). Psittacus malaccensis, apud Lath. Ind. Orn. i, p. 130 (1790); nec Gmel. (1788). Psittinus malaccensis, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi, p. 789 (1842); Horsf. & M. Cat. ii, p. 608; Blyth. Ibis, 1863, p. 6; id. & Wald. (Birds Burm. p. 58. Tanygnathus malaccensis, Blyth, Cat. p. 3. Psittinus incertus, Hume & Dav. S. F. vi, pp. 121, 500; Hume, Cat. no. 153 ter; Oates, B. B. ii, p. 147 ; Salvadori, Cat. B. M. xx, p. 501.

Coloration. Male. Head and neck bluish, grey, becoming bright cobalt-blue on the forehead and vertex; upper back and scapulars blackish brown with an olive tinge ; wings outside green, a large deep red patch on the smaller secondary-coverts, most of the other coverts and the quills conspicuously edged with greenish yellow: outer greater primary-coverts blue, edge of wing yellow, winglet-feathers with bluish edges; first primary and inner webs of the others blackish brown; lower back, rump, and upper tail-coverts cobalt-blue; median tail-feathers dark green, the other feathers yellowish green above, yellow beneath; chin whitish; breast olive-grey, passing into blue on the middle of the abdomen and green round the vent; wing-lining and axillaries crimson.

Female. Head and neck ruddy brown, yellowish at the sides and below; remainder of upper plumage green, washed with blue on the rump; lower parts yellowish green; wings, including wing-lining and axillaries, and tail as in males, but the red patch on the wing-coverts is smaller.

Young birds are deep green above and below, with the exception of the crimson wing-lining and a blue patch on the lower back.

In adult males the upper mandible is orange-vermilion, lower dusky or dull reddish brown, in females both are usually whitish; irides creamy white, eyelids and cere greenish brown or dusky green ; legs and feet pale dirty green (Davison).

Length about 7.5; tail 1.9; wing 5; tarsus .55; bill from cere .7.

Distribution. Throughout the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo, ranging into Southern Tenasserim as far north as Tavoy and Nwalabo.

Habits, &c. To parts of Tenasserim this Paroquet is a seasonal visitant, arriving about April. It probably, however, only moves from one part of the country to another at no great distance. It goes about in small flocks, and has a sharp whistling note. The nidification has not been observed.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
Blanford, William Thomas, ed. The Fauna of British India: Including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.3 1895.
Title in Book: 
1149. Psittinus incertus
Book Author: 
William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Little Malayan Parrot
Blue-rumped Parrot
Psittinus cyanurus
Vol. 3
Term name: 

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