86. Ruticilla schisticeps

86. White-Throated Redstart.
Ruticilla schisticeps (Hodgs.), MS. drawings of B. of Nepal Passeres, pl. lxxix., No. 813 ; id. in Gray’s, 3 vol. Misc. p. 83 (1844). pl. lxi. ; Prjev. Mongol, i Strana Tangut. ii., tab. xx. fig. 10 (egg) ; Pleske, Prjevalsky’s Reisen Vogel, ii., Vogel Taf. v. (egg) ; Seebohm, Cat. B. Br. Mus. v. p. 351 ; Oates, F. Brit. Ind. Birds, ii. p. 92 ; R. nigro- gularis Moore, P.Z.S. 1854, p. 29.
Male ad. (Sikhim). Crown and nape cobalt, rather duller on the nape ; a narrow frontal line, sides of the head and neck, throat, back, and scapulars black ; the longer scapulars broadly tipped with chestnut ; tail black ; all but the middle feathers with concealed chestnut bases : wings black ; the larger wing-coverts and outer margins of the inner secondaries white ; a well defined white patch on the throat ; rump, tail-coverts, and under parts below the throat rich dark chestnut ; the centre of the abdomen whitish ; bill and legs black ; iris brown. Culmen 0.52, wings 3.5, tail 2.9, tarsus 0.9 inch. Female ; crown nape, back, and upper rump rich brown ; lower rump, tail-coverts, and basal half of tail, except the middle feathers, chestnut-red ; rest of tail bark brown ; wings dark brown, with less white than in the male ; underparts warm brownish ash-grey, whitish on the centre of the abdomen ; a large white patch on the throat. In the autumn the black portions of the plumage and the crown in the male are margined with fulvous.
Hab. The mountains of Nepal and Sikhim, Tibet, Mongolia, and North West China.
It frequents bush-covered localities in the mountains, and forests, both pine and deciduous. It breeds in the province of Kansu and in the mountains above the tributaries of the upper Chuanche river and places its nest, which is constructed of moss and lined with hair and feathers, in a cleft in the rocks, and in May deposits 4 eggs which are pale pink with a polished shell surface and are faintly dotted with brown. In size they measure 19.5 to 20 by 14.5 to 15.5 millimetres.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 1. 1902.
Title in Book: 
86. Ruticilla schisticeps
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Common name: 
White Throated Redstart
White-throated Redstart
Phoenicurus schisticeps
Vol. 1

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