Phalacrocorax Brisson, Orn., vol. i, p. 60, vol. vi, p. 511, 1760. Type by taut., Pelecanus carbo Linn.

Carbo Lacepede, Tabl. Ois., p. 15, 1799; Daudin in Buffon's Hist. Nat., ed. Didot, Quadr., vol. xiv, p. 318, 1802. Type by taut., Pelecanus carbo Linn.

Halieus Illiger, Prodr. Mamm. et Av., p. 279, 1811; new name only.

Carbonarius Rafinesque, Anal, de la Nat., p. 72, 1815 ; new name for Carlo only.

Hydrocorax Vieiliot, Anal. nouv. Orn., p. 63. 1816. Type by mon., P. carlo Linn.

Cormoranus Baillon, Mem. Soc. Roy. Abbeville, p. 76, 1833-34. Type by mon., P. carlo Linn.

Graucalus Gray, List. Gen. Birds, 2nd ed., p. 101, 1841. Type by orig. desig., P. carlo Linn. Not Graucalus Cuvier, 1816.

Ecmeles Gistel, Naturg. Thierr. Schul., p. 9, 1848; new name for Hydrocorax Vieiliot.

Hypoleucus Reichenbach, Nat. Syst. Vog., p. 7, 1852-53. Type by orig. desig., Pelecanus varius Gmelin.

Urile Bonaparte, Comp, Gen. Av., vol. ii, p. 175, 1856. Type by taut., P. urile Gmelin.

Leucocarbo id., ibid., p. 176. Type by orig. desig., C. bougainvillei Lesson.

Microcarbo id., Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris, vol. xliii. p. 577, Sept. 1856. Type by orig. desig., Pelecanus pygmeus Pallas.

Halietor Heine, Jour, fin? Orn., 1860, p. 202: new name for Microcarbo Bonaparte.

Melanocarbo Bernstein, Tijds. Taal-, Land- en Volkenk. Ned.-Ind., (iv), vol. vii, p. 119, 1883. Type by mon., B. melanoleucus Vieiliot.

Compsohalieus Ridgway, Water-Birds N. Amer., vol. ii, p. 145, 1884.

Mesocarbo Mathews & Iredale, Ibis, 1913, p. 415. Type by orig. desig., Carlo sulcirostris Brandt.

Pseudocarbo Roberts, Ann. Transvaal Museum, vol. viii, p. 205. 1922. Type by orig. desig., P. capensis Sparrman.

Anacarbo id., ibid , p. 205, 1922. Type by orig. desig., P, neglectus Wahlberg.

Graculus Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Birds, p. 133, 1855, ex Linn. Type by orig. desig., P. carlo Linn.

Pallasicarbo Coues, Osprey, vol. iv, p. 144, 1899. Type by orig. desig., P. perspicillatus Pallas.

Dilophalieus Coues, Key N. Amer. Birds 5th ed., vol. ii, p. 963. 1903. Type by orig. desig., C. auritus Lesson.

Viguacarbo id., ibid., p. 965. Type by orig. desig., C. mexicanus Bonaparte.

Gulosus Montagu, Orn. Dict. Suppl., Cat., end of vol.. p. 5, 1813 : new name for P. cristatus and gracilis Linn.

Stictocarbo Bonaparte. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris, vol. xli, p. 1115, 1855. Type by mon., P. punctatus Sparrman.

Gripeus Heine & Reich., Nomen. Mas. Hein., p. 352, 1890; new name for Graculus, Reichen., 1853, Type by orig, desig., P. graculus, Linn.

Erygrotheres Heine & Reich., ibid., p. 355 ; new name for Stictocarbo Bonaparte.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds. Synonymy(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.8 1930.
Title in Book: 
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Vol. 8
Term name: 

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