Pericrocotus Boie, Isis, 1823, p. 972. Type, P. miniatus.

This genus contains a large number of species, extending over practically the whole Oriental Region, which are remarkable for their brilliant plumage, in which red or yellow is the dominant colour.

The bill is about half the length of the head, strong, hooked and notched; the nostrils are concealed by plumes; the wing is long and pointed; the tail is long and much graduated, and the feet are weak.

Key to Species.

A. Tail black and red ; upper tail-coverts red.
a. Crown and back glossy black. [p. 318.
a1. Innermost secondaries with oval red drops. P. speciosus, b1. Innermost secondaries with no oval red drops.
a2 .Under wing-coverts and axillaries [p. 333.
crimson P. brevirostris,
b2. Under wing-coverts and axillaries
yellow………………………………….P igneus, p, 325.
b. Crown and back ashy or grey, never black.
c1. Wing over 80 mm.
c2. Lower plumage bright scarlet....P. Solaris, p .326
d2. Lower plumage rosy-red……….P. roseus, p. 328
d1. Wing under 75 mm. [p. 329
e2. Throat grey to black: breast scarlet…..P. peregrinus, [p. 330.
f2. Lower plumage all pale yellow P. peregrinus,
g2. Lower plumage all bright yellow .... P. igneus, p. 326.
B. Tail black and yellow; upper tail-coverts yellow. [p. 318.
c. Innermost secondaries with oval yellow spots. P. speciosus,
d. Innermost secondaries with no oval yellow spots.
e1. Upper back and lower back not con-
colorous P. Solaris, p. 326.
f1. Upper back and lower back concolorous.
h2. Bump and upper tail-coverts all deep [p 323.
yellow P. brevirostris,
i2 Rump and upper tail-coverts margined
with yellow P. roseus, p. 328.
C. Tail black and white; upper tail-coverts grey, brown or black.
e. Bump red, or white marked with red.
g1. Dark parts of upper plumage glossy black. [p. 332.
j2. Forehead and chin black P. erythropygius,
k2. Forehead and chin white P. albifrons,
h1. Dark parts of upper plumage smoky- brown. [p 334. [p. 333.
l2. Bump uniform orange-red P. erythi opygius,
m2. Bump white streaked with red P. albifrons,
f. Bump with no trace of red. [p.334.
i. Back and rump the same colour P. cinereus, p. 334.
j. Bump much paler than back P. cantonensis, [p. 335.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma-birds(second Edition)
Baker, EC S (1922–1930) The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Second edition. vol.2 1924.
Title in Book: 
Book Author: 
Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Page No: 
Vol. 2
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