Microperdix manipurensis


Microperdix manipurensis.

Lanz soibol, Manipuri.

This bush-quail can really be called a grey quail, since its prevailing colour above is slate, with no tinge of brown, but diversified by black markings ; the under-surface is mottled with buff and black, the buff predominating as large spots, almost concealing the black groundwork. The legs are orange, and the only difference between the cock and the hen is the dark reddish-chocolate face of the former sex.

In Manipur this bird is fairly common, but very hard to get, or even to see, as it haunts high grass, and even after this is burnt is still difficult to discover, owing to its dark colour harmonizing with the burnt stubble. It affects the neighbourhood of water, and keeps in coveys which run closely packed.

Eggs have been obtained in Manipur, but not preserved; they are marked with blotches of brown and black on a greenish ground. Our knowledge of this quail is due entirely to Hume, its discoverer, who got a few specimens with a great deal of trouble in beating and cutting down huge quantities of the high grassy cover wherein he observed them, and to Captain Wood, who shot numbers of them as lately as 1899.

Since this Mr. C. M. Inglis has procured specimens of a very nearly allied species, named by Mr. Ogilvie Grant after him Microperdix inglisi, in Goalpara; the differences from the Manipur bird are very slight, the comparative scantiness of the black markings being the most noticeable. This form is also suspected of occurring in the Bhutan Duars. Its Goalpara name is Kala goondri.

Indian Sporting Birds
Finn, Frank. Indian Sporting Birds. Edwards, 1915.
Title in Book: 
Microperdix manipurensis
Book Author: 
Frank Finn
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Common name: 
Humes Bush Quail
Manipur Bush Quail
Perdicula manipurensis

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