55. Parus major mahrattarum

(55) Parus major mahrattarum Hartert.
Parus major mahrattarum, Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. i, p. 77.
The Southern Grey Tit has the widest range of all the races of the Grey Tit. It is found breeding over the whole of Southern India and Ceylon wherever there are hills of 3,000 feet or over. It is the common form of Tit in the North of the Bombay Presidency and from thence extends across East to Chota Nagpore and parts of Western Bengal.
The nesting season is very prolonged and in some parts they undoubtedly breed twice.
In Ceylon Tunnard found them breeding in March and again in September ; Aitkin found them breeding during May and June at Poona, whilst in the same place Betham took and saw many nests in July and August. In the Nilgiris the principal months are February and March according to Miss Cockburn, but this lady also found a nest with young on the 10th November. Bates has photographs of nests taken in the Nilgiris in April, Major C. Williams obtained nests at Wellington in March, whilst, finally, A. M. Primrose took a clutch of four fresh eggs at Ooty on the 13th May.
The nests and their sites differ only as already described from those of the Northern Indian birds but, it should be noted, that Davison says they breed commonly in rat-holes in banks and he remarks that every nest he has seen was composed of hair collected from the droppings of wild cats.
The number of eggs in a clutch varies from three to five, six with this race being quite exceptional. They are not in any way distinguishable from those of the forms already described.
Fifty-four eggs average 17.5 x 13.6 mm. : maxima 19.3 x 14.0 mm. ; minima 15.8 x 12.8 and 17.3 x 12.6 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 1. 1932.
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55. Parus major mahrattarum
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Common name: 
Sourn Grey Tit
Parus cinereus mahrattarum
Vol. 1
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