957. Oriolus chinensis andamanensis

(957) Oriolus chinensis andamanensis Tytler.
Oriolus chinensis andamanensis, Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd, ed. vol. iii, p. 10.
This race of the Black-naped Oriole is restricted to the Andamans.
The only note I can find on its breeding is that of Osmaston (Journ. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. vol. xvii, p. 158, 1906). He writes :— “Very common and conspicuous, being found both in forest and open country. They breed from April to June, laying 2 or 3 eggs only. The nest is the usual cradle suspended from the leafy branch of some tree, and is usually decorated outside with sprays of a small climbing Asclepiad with orbicular leaves. The eggs are fairly glossy. The ground is white more or less tinged with claret and with dark purplish brown spots which appear to have ‘run’ from the edges, and with a few underlying grey spots.”
A very fine series of the eggs of this bird taken by Osmaston, with a few others from Wickham and Anderson, are now in my collection. Prom the notes sent with these eggs the following additions may be made to Osmaston’s account of the nidification.
In places it was very common round Port Blair, and Wickham, on the 3rd of April, found three nests, each with two eggs, in the Garacherana jungle. They seem to have no special fancy for any particular tree, though breeding very often in Padouk-trees. The nests are never at any very great height from the ground, and those taken by the above collectors were all between 10 and 20 feet up, generally in quite small trees, occasionally in large ones.
The earliest date recorded for eggs is 3. iv. 09, on which date Wickham found three nests. The latest date for any eggs in my collection is 28. v. 07, taken by Osmaston, who, however, says (vide supra) that they lay occasionally in June. The majority of eggs are, however, laid in April.
The normal clutch is two eggs only, though once Osmaston took three eggs in a nest and once a single egg showing signs of incubation.
Thirty eggs average 29.7 x 21.6 mm. : maxima 33.2 x 23.1 and 30.2 x 23.2 mm. ; minima 25.6 x 19.9 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 2. 1933.
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957. Oriolus chinensis andamanensis
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Andaman Black Naped Oriole
Oriolus chinensis andamanensis
Vol. 2
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