1102. Numenius borealis

1102. Eskimo Curlew.
Numenius borealis (Forster), Phil. Trans. lxii. p. 411 (1772) ; Audub, B. Am. pl. 208 ; Newton, P.Z.S. 1871, pl. iv. fig. 1 (egg) ; Dresser, viii. p. 221, pl. 575 ; Sharpe, Cat. B. Br. Mus. xxiv. p. 368 ; Ridgway, p. 171 ; Saunders, p. 631 ; Lilford, v. p. 337, pl. 59 ; Poynting, p. 253, pl. 54.
Male ad. (N. America). Crown, nape, and upper parts umber-brown, marked with dull isabelline, and in parts washed with pale rufous ; quills dark earth-brown, the shafts white ; upper wing-coverts margined with greyish brown ; tail dull rufous brown, barred with umber-brown ; sides of face white striped with brown ; a dark line through and behind the eye ; throat white ; rest of under parts pale rufous buff, the middle of the abdomen nearly white ; breast with Y-shaped brown markings ; flanks rufous, similarly marked ; under wing-coverts and axillaries rich rufous barred with blackish brown ; under tail coverts rufous buff, similarly barred ; beak brownish black ; base of lower mandible yellowish flesh ; legs greenish brown ; iris blackish brown. Culmen 2.4, wing 8.0, tail 3.4, tarsus 1.8 inch. Female similar.
Hab. North America, north to within the Arctic Circle, migrating south in the winter through Central America to the southern parts of South America ; of rare and accidental occur┬Črence in Greenland and Britain.
Frequents not only the sea coasts but is frequently to be met with inland, and on migration and in winter is found in large flocks. It feeds on insects and molluscs, and is also said to be partial to crowberries. It breeds in the barren grounds in Arctic North America, the nest being a mere hollow in the ground lined with a few decayed leaves, and the eggs, which are laid late in June or early in July, vary in ground-colour from pale ashy green to ochreous drab, and deep olivaceous drab, and the markings and blotches are of various shades of sepia, usually more numerous at the larger end. In size they measure about 2.0 by 1.45.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 2. 1903.
Title in Book: 
1102. Numenius borealis
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Common name: 
Eskimo Curlew
Eskimo Curlew
Numenius borealis
Vol. 2

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