81. Ninox affinis


(I am indebted to my friend Col. Tytler, for the following dimensions and description, taken by him from a skin in his museum.)

DIMENSIONS. Length, 10. Expanse, 18.3? Wing, 6.9. Tail from vent, 4.4. Tarsus (covered with hair-like feathers,) 1. Foot, (covered with stiff' bristles,) greatest Length, 2.1 (?) ; greatest width, 2.2 (?); mid toe to root of claw, 1.06 ; its claw, along curve, 0.55; hind toe, 0.55 ; its claw, along curve, 0.45; inner toe, 0.85 ; its claw along curve 0.45. Bill from gape, 0.8 ; width at gape, 0.7. The 4th primary is the longest, the first is 2.1 and the 2nd 0.7 shorter. The lower tail coverts fall short by 2.4 of the end of the tail.

DESCRIPTION. All the upper surface, rufous brown with the slaty bases of the lax feathers shewing through in many places, thus giving it more or less, a slaty tinge. In the tail feathers, there are six well defined blackish bars, the tips of all are brown; the inner webs of the quill feathers are dark; chin, albescent; throat, breast, and abdomen rufous ; breast, abdomen and flanks, striped, that is to say, each feather being albescent at the margins, rufous at the tips and darker near the shaft, gives the appearance of being streaked; vent, and under tail coverts, pure white; thighs, tarsi and under wing coverts, rufous ; toes, thickly covered with thick strong bristles, of an albescent brown color. Claws at the base, albescent, the rest, blackish slate, the inner webs, of all the primaries, excepting the first feather are faintly barred with dark towards the point half, and with albescent buff towards the basal half, giving the wings from beneath a speckled albescent appearance ; the face and a little of the forehead, albescent; nostrils and base of upper mandible protected by stiff lax feathers, white, with a black shaft. Bill, yellowish horny at point, greenish slate towards the base, irides, bright yellow.

My Scrap Book
Hume, Allan Octavian, ed. My Scrap Book: Or, Rough Notes on Indian Oology and Ornithology. Vol. 1. 1869.
Title in Book: 
81. Ninox affinis
Book Author: 
Allan Octavian Hume
Page No: 
Common name: 
Andaman Hawk Owl
Andaman Hawk-Owl
Ninox affinis
Vol. 1
Term name: 

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