786. Fringillauda nemoricola

786. Fringillauda nemoricola.
Hodgson's Mountain-Finch.
Fringillauda nemoricola, Hodgs. As. Res. xix, p. 158 (1836) ; Horsf. & M. Cut. ii, p. 491 (part.) ; Jerd, B. I. ii, p. 414 (part.); Blanf. J. A. S. B. xli, pt. ii, p. 66; Hume, S. F. i, p. 41; id. Cat. no. 753. Montifringilla nemoricola (Hodgs.), Blyth, Cat. p. 121 (part.); Sharpe, Cat. B. M. xii, p. 268.
The Himalayan Lark-Finch, Jerd. (part.).

Coloration. Forehead, crown, nape, hind neck, back, scapulars, and lesser wing-coverts dark brown, with rufous margins; rump ashy grey ; upper tail-coverts black, with distinct white margins ; tail brown, with narrow pale margins; median wing-coverts ashy brown, with white margins; greater coverts brown, mottled with black and tipped white ; primary-coverts tipped with dark brown and edged with ashy ; quills brown, margined with rufous, and the inner webs of the tertiaries black; a broad but indistinct supercilium ashy white streaked with brown; sides of the head and neck rufous-brown, the cheeks and the part under the eye streaked with brown; lower plumage plain brown, the sides of the breast streaked with darker brown, most of the feathers edged paler, the middle of the abdomen whitish, the flanks a darker brown, the under tail-coverts very broadly edged with white ; axillaries yellow ; under wing-coverts ashy white. The sexes appear to be alike.

The nestling bird has the whole crown uniform deep rufous, the upper plumage darker than in the adult and with deeper rufous margins, and the lower plumage uniform rufous, a little paler thau the crown. The change to the adult plumage is difficult to trace, but it is probable that the young bird retains the rufous head till the second autumn.

Bill and legs fleshy-brown ; iris red-brown (Hodgson) ; iris clear nut-brown (A. David).

Length about 6.5 ; tail 2.8 ; wing 3.9; tarsus .8 ; bill from gape .55.

Distribution. The Himalayas from Nepal to Bhutan, extending to Moupin and Western China.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
OATES EW. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.2 1890.
Title in Book: 
786. Fringillauda nemoricola
Book Author: 
Eugene William Oates, Edited by William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Hodgsons Mountain Finch
Plain Mountain Finch
Leucosticte nemoricola
Vol. 2

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