958. Gecinulus grantia

958. Gecinulus grantia.

The Northern Pale-headed Woodpecker.

Picus (Chrysonotus) grantia, McClelland, P. Z. S. 1839, p. 165. Gecinulus grantia, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 192; id. Cat. p. 60; Horsf. & M. Cat. ii, p. 663 ; Jerdon, B. I. i, p. 292 ; Bulger, Ibis, 1869, p. 157; Godw.-Aust. J. A. S. B. xliii, pt. 2, p. 155; xlv, pt. 2, p. 70; Hume & Inglis, S. F. v, p. 26; Hume, Cat. no. 177 ; id. S. F. xi, p. 63; Hargitt, Cat. B. M. xviii, p. 134.

The Pale-headed Woodpecker, Jerdon; Ka-ter, Lepcha; Koria, Dafla.

Coloration. Male. Forehead, lores, cheeks, and chin light brown ; crown pink, the feathers edged with deeper red ; occiput and nape with the ear-coverts dull olivaceous yellow; upper parts from neck dull red, tail-feathers edged with the same ; primary-coverts dull yellow; quills and tail-feathers brown, barred or spotted on both webs with rufous white; lower parts dark olive, paler and yellower on throat and light brown on the chin; under wing-coverts and axillaries dusky brown with rufous spots.

In the female the red of the crown is wanting, and the whole head is dull yellow.

Bill bluish white, darker blue at the base; irides red; legs pale dusky green (Jerdon).

Length 10 ; tail 3.7; wing 5 ; tarsus .95 ; bill from gape 1.1.

Distribution. Common in the Eastern Himalayas, chiefly between 2000 and 5000 feet as far west as Nepal; found also in Assam, the hill-ranges to the south, Cachar and Manipur. A specimen is also recorded from Laos (Siam).

Habits, &c According to Jerdon this Woodpecker has a squeaking note. Hume met with it in Manipur in pairs.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
Blanford, William Thomas, ed. The Fauna of British India: Including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.3 1895.
Title in Book: 
958. Gecinulus grantia
Book Author: 
William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Norrn Pale Headed Woodpecker
Pale-headed Woodpecker
Gecinulus grantia
Vol. 3
Term name: 

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