80. Gallus lafayetti


Gallus lafayetti, Lesson.

MALE :—All the quills of the wing brown or black; breast and upper belly bright orange red.

FEMALE :—The belly white marked with black; all the inner quills of the wing and the greater coverts broadly barred with black and buff.

Vernacular Name : — Wali-kukula, Ceylon.

The Ceylon Jungle-Fowl is restricted to the island of Ceylon, in many parts of which it appears to be abundant.

The habits of this bird do not differ in any important particular from those of the preceding species. Colonel Legge informs us that the call of the cock resembles the words " George Joyce, George Joyce " preceded by a monosyllabic note sounding like lek. The alarm-note sounds like clock, clock.

These Jungle-Fowl appear to breed throughout the year. The eggs, varying in number from six to twelve, are deposited on a few leaves in a hollow of the ground. They are creamy white in colour, but some eggs are occasionally stippled with brown or reddish grey. They measure from 1.75 to 2 in length and from 1.24 to 1.49 in breadth.

The male has the crown dull orange. The neck and mantle are golden yellow, streaked with black. The back and all the smaller wing-coverts are brilliant orange-red, streaked with black. The rump is glossy violet, each feather edged with bright chestnut-red. The tail is black, glossed with blue. The greater wing-coverts and all the quills of the wing are brown or black. There is a gorget of brilliant violet below the throat. The whole breast and the greater part of the belly are brilliant orange-red with brown streaks. The remainder of the belly and the thighs are black.

The female has the crown blackish and the remainder of the head and the whole neck, which is covered with very short feathers, brown, mottled with rufous buff. The mantle is dark brown, the feathers mottled and edged with rufous buff. The back, rump, tail-coverts and the smaller wing-coverts are yellowish brown, minutely freckled with black. The tail is dull chestnut, irregularly barred and mottled with black. The greater wing-coverts and the quills in the closed wings are broadly barred with black and buff. The breast is rich buff, mottled with black, each feather with a pale buff patch occupying the central part. The belly is white, each feather with a central black patch and interrupted black margin.

Length of male up to 28; wing about 9; tail 13 to 15 ; legs yellowish; irides yellow; naked skin of the head purplish red'; comb red with a yellow central patch; bill reddish brown. Weight up to 2 lb. 5 oz. Length of female about 14; wing 7; tail 5 ; legs brownish; irides yellowish olive; bill brown above, yellowish below.

A Manual Of The Game Birds Of India(land Birds)
Oates, Eugene Wifliam. A manual of the game birds of India. Vol.1. 1898.
Title in Book: 
80. Gallus lafayetti
Spp Author: 
Book Author: 
Eugene William Oates
Page No: 
Common name: 
Ceylon Jungle Fowl
Sri Lanka Junglefowl
Gallus lafayettii
Vol. 1
Term name: 

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