92. Hypotaenidia obscurior

92. Hypotaenidia obscurior.


Male 11 1/2" to 12 3/4". Legs slaty green. Bill 1 3/4", Indian red. Resembles H. striata. Face, sides of neck, and breast lead-grey. Forehead and crown dark maroon. Above dark brown, banded white. The Andaman Islands. Four to six eggs (1.43 x 1). (H. & M. ii. 253.)

Also H. brachypus, 7 1/2", from W. and S. Australia and Tasmania; and H. muelleri, from Auckland Islands ; and one subspecies (extinct), H. pacifica, from Tahiti.

H. philippinensis, 11 1/2", from Philippines to Celebes, the Moluccas, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands ; and one subspecies, 10 1/2", from Macquarie Islands.

Throat black, or black, barred white.
H. torquata. 11". From Philippines.
H. celebensis. 13 1/2". From Celebes.
H. jentinki. 11". From Sula Islands.
H. saturata. 13". From New Guinea.
H sulcirostris. 10 1/2". From Sulu Islands.
H. insignis. 12". From New Britain.

Also the genus Cabalus, with genys distinctly decurved at tip. Mid toe and claw 2". Three species— C. dieffenbachi, 7", and C. modestus, 7", from Chatham Islands; and C. sylvestris, 12", from Lord Howe Island.

Tarsus longer than mid toe and claw.

Also the genus Eulabeornis, with no bare patch behind eye. Mid toe and claw from 2.2" to 2.7". Three species— E. castaneiventris, 17", from N. Australia and Am Islands ; E. poecilopterus, 13" from Fiji Islands; and E. woodfordi, 14 1/2", from Solomon Islands.

Also the genus Tricholimnas, plumage soft and hair-like. Mid toe and claw 2 1/2", One species— T. lafresnayanus, 17", from New Caledonia.

Also the genus Gymnocrex, with bare patch behind eye. Two species— G. rosenbergi, 7", from Celebes; and G. plumbeiventris, 13", from Moluccas, New Guinea, and Solomon Islands.

Also the genus Aramidopsis. One species— A. plateni, 11 1/2", from Celebes.

Also the genus Aramides, with tail somewhat shortened. Mid toe and claw from 2.05" to 3.4". Eight species and three subspecies, from 10 1/2" to 16 1/2", all confined to Neotropical region.

Also the genus Megacrex, with frontal shield distinct and tail decomposed. Incapable of flight. One species— M. inepta, from 17" to 21 1/2", from S. New Guinea.

Also the genus Habroptila, small frontal shield, plumage black. Mid toe and claw 2.85". One species—- M. wallacei, 15", from the Moluccas. (B.M. Cat., xxiii. 37-63.)

(ii.) Culmen shorter than mid toe and claw.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
92. Hypotaenidia obscurior
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Andamanese Banded Rail
Gallirallus striatus obscurior
4th ed.

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