1238. Galerida cristata magna

(1238) Galerida cristata magna Hume.
Galerida cristata magna, Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd ed. vol. iii, p. 345.
This larger subspecies of the Crested Lark only breeds within our boundaries on the North-West Frontier of Afghanistan and Baluchistan, where it is very common. Outside our limits it extends to Transcaspia, Mesopotamia, Persia and Turkestan.
Rattray, Perreau, Whitehead and others record this Lark as very common on the hills of the Afghan Frontier, breeding up to 7,000 feet, while Marshall, Betham and Williams say that it is equally common at Quetta and other places on the Baluchistan Frontier.
As regards nest and nesting-site there is little one can add to what has been written about the proceeding race. At Thall, the entrance to the Kurram Valley, Rattray found it breeding in Very bare stony country, making “its not very tidy nest of grass under the protection of stones and rocks.”
About Quetta Betham and Williams also found the nest often placed on bleak, bare hill-sides where there were but few bushes and only some withered grass, the nest being usually well concealed in the latter.
The breeding season in India is from the end of March to the middle or end of May, most birds laying in April. In Mesopotamia they appear to breed in March and April, and in Persia, where they are extraordinarily common, in May, a few birds laying in late April and early June, Petherick, who sent me a fine series of eggs from Persia, says that it is there a very common, tame bird, generally building in fields of standing corn.
The eggs number four or five in a full clutch, rarely three only, but in Persia the complement is usually six.
They are quite similar in appearance to those of G. c. chendoola, though as a series rather darker and more richly marked, while in many the markings are blotches of some size.
Sixty eggs taken in Mesopotamia and on the Indian Frontier average 22.6 x 17.1 mm. : maxima 16.7 and 24.0 x 18.4 mm, ; minima 20.0 x 16.9 and 21.1 x 15.3 mm.
One hundred Persian eggs average 22.1 x 17.0 mm.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 3. 1934.
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1238. Galerida cristata magna
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Humes Crested Lark
Galerida cristata magna
Vol. 3
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