1980. Francolinus pietus pallidus

(1980) Francolinus pictus pallidus Gray
The Northern Painted Partridge.
Francolinus pictus pallidus. Fauna B. I., Birds, 2nd ed, vol. v, p. 414.
Roughly speaking the range of this Partridge is North of that of the preceding bird and South of that of the Black Partridge, The Southern line may be said to run from Khandesh on the West to Raipur and Chanda but not Bihar. North, the line may be taken from Deesa to Udaipur. In many places the two species overlap and breed in the area normally occupied by the other.
There is little one can add concerning the breeding of this race ; they nest in exactly the same kind of cover as a rule but, where there is much sugar-cane, the birds will sometimes nest in this as in other cultivation. The time of breeding is also the same hut Whitehead (Journ. Bomb, Nat. Hist. Soc. vol. xxi, p. 168, 1911) found then laying in April, May and June and it may be that the Painted Partridges, like the Black, may have a double season and two broods in certain localities.
As usual many writers give this bird the credit of laying large clutches of eggs. J. Aitken says “five to eight eggs may be found in a nest" (Berar) ; Blewitt says “the number of eggs is about 7 or 8” (Jhansi) ; Jerdon notes the same. Butler, writing of Aboo, does not give the number. I have eggs from the Vidal collection but there are only four or five eggs in each clutch and Betham only found four laid in those he examined in Baroda.
The eggs are just like those of the previous race and the measure¬ments of twenty-nine eggs are :—Average 35.7 x 29.5 mm. : maxima 37.8 x 30.1 and 36.4 x 31.7 mm. ; minima 38.0 x 29.1 and 35.0 x 27.7. mm.
There is nothing special to note about their habits etc., which are all very like those of the Black Partridges. They are monogamous, very noisy, cheery birds in the breeding season but are not pug¬nacious.

The Nidification Of Birds Of The Indian Empire
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. The nidification of birds of the Indian Empire. Vol. 4. 1935.
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1980. Francolinus pietus pallidus
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Edward Charles Stuart Baker
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Norrn Painted Partridge
Francolinus pictus pallidus
Vol. 4
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