77. Ortygornis gularis

77. Ortygornis gularis.


Kyah, Bengal; Buntitur, India; Koi, Assam; Bhil-titar, Cachar.

Male 15"; 17 to 22 oz. female 14". Legs dull red. Bill black. Sexes alike, but male has a spur on each tarsus. Above brown, with transverse black-edged buff bars. Lower plumage streaked, each feather white, with double border black and brown. Chin and throat chestnut.— Female smaller, with no spur. N. W. P. to Assam. Five eggs (1.47 x 1.2), cream colour.

Also F. streptophorus. The Ring-necked F. from C.E. Africa. With eyebrow stripe and throat white, and neck-ring black and white. male 11". No spurs.

F. sephaena. Smith's F. from S. Africa. Like F. streptophorus, but neck-feathers are chestnut, edged white. Male 12". Pair of spurs.

F. granti. 11". Grant's F. from E. Africa. Smaller than F. sephaena.

F. kirki. Kirk's F, from E. Africa and Zanzibar. With oblong spots of chestnut on breast and belly. Male 11". Resembles F. sephaena and F. granti.

F. spilogaster. The Spotted F. from N. E. Africa. Like F. kirki, but larger.

F. albigularis. The White-throated F. from W. Africa. Back chestnut, blotched and barred black. male 9". Pair of spurs.

F. spilolaemus. Harris's F. from N. E. Africa. Chin and throat white, with round black spots. Male 12.3". Pair of spurs.

F. gutturalis. Ruppell's F. from N.E. Africa. Breast and below buff, with black shaft streaks. Like F. spilolaemus. Male 12 1/2".

F. uluensis. The Ulu F. from E. Africa. An intermediate form between F. gutturalis and F. africanus. Male 12". Pair of spurs.

F. africanus. The Pearl-breasted F. from E. S. Africa. Neck-patch of black and white barred feathers. Male 13". Pair of spurs.

F. finschi. Finsch's F. from S. W. Africa. Head and throat reddish. Male 14 1/2". Pair of spurs.

F. castaneicollis. The Chestnut-naped F. from N. E. Africa. Nearly allied to F. finschi. Forehead with black rigid feathers. Female 12".

F. levaillanti. Levaillant's F. from S. Africa. Known as the " Redwing." Rufous throat encircled by defined line of black and white. Male 13".

F. crawshayi. Crawshay's F. from Lake Nyasa. Allied to F. levaillanti, but has the throat white, bordered rusty. Male 11".

F. gariepennis. The Gariep F. from E. S. Africa. Differs from F. levaillanti in that the upper black and white stripes do not meet on the nape. Male 13 1/2". Pair of spurs. Female sometimes with a blunt knob on one or both legs.

F. jugularis. Buttikofri's F. from W. S. Africa. A paler form of F. gariepennis, but neck-patch black and white.

F. shelleyi. Shelley's F. from E. S. Africa. Breast and belly white, with black V-shaped marks. Male 13 1/2".

F. elgonensis. The Elgon F. from C.E. Africa. Nape and upper back rufous, spotted black. Male 12".

(iv.) With no defined row of buff spots on both webs of primaries. Back and scapulars without white or buff shaft stripes. F. adspersus. The close-barred F. from W.S. Africa. Mantle and below narrowly barred black and white. Male 12.6". Pair of spurs.

With inner webs of primaries buff, largely barred and mottled.

F. griseostratus. The Grey-striped F. from W. Africa. Above chestnut, margined black and grey. Male pair of spurs.

F. bicalcaratus. The Double-spurred F. from W. Africa. Below pale buff, margined chestnut, with racket-shaped black marks. Male 12 1/2".

F. clappertoni. Clapperton's Double-spurred F. from the Soudan. Olive-brown, margined and irregularly barred buff. Chest buff, with black shaft stripes. Male 14".

F. gedgii. Gedge's F. from C. E. Africa. Like F. clappertoni, but crown and above chocolate, narrowly margined white. Male 12". Pair of blunt spurs.

F. hartlaubi. Hartlaub's P. from W.S. Africa. Allied to F. clappertoni, but tail is blackish, barred and edged white.

F. dybrowski. Dybrowski's F. from Upper Congo. Allied to F. gedgii. Buff bands on outer web and on margin of inner web of primaries.

F. icterorhynchus. Heuglin's Double-spurred F. from N. C. Africa. Allied to F. clappertoni. Below buff, with brown shaft stripes, and often with round black spot. male 13 1/2". 9 with one or two pairs of blunt knobs.

F. sharpii. Sharp's Double-spurred F. from Abyssinia. Allied to F. clappertoni. Breast dark brown, margined white. Male 13 1/2".

With inner webs of primaries uniform dark brown, sometimes dotted buff towards marginal extremity.

F. capensis. The Cape F. from S. Africa, known as the " Cape Pheasant." Above black, with white lines parallel to margins. Below black, with white shaft stripes. Throat spotted black. Male 16". With one or two pairs of spurs.

F. natalensis. The Natal F. from E. S. Africa. Below whitish, with V-shaped black marks.
male 13 1/2". With one or two pairs of spurs.

F. hildebrandti. Hildebrandt's F. from E. Africa. Similar to F. natalensis, but without black shaft streaks. Below white, with heart-shaped black spots near tips. Male 13 1/2. With two pairs of spurs.

F. johnstoni. Johnston's F. from Nyasaland. Like F. hildebrandti, but no heart-shaped marks.

F. fischeri. Fischer's F. from E.C. Africa. female 12.8". Below clear ochre. Spots at extremities of flight-feathers.

F. squamatus. The Scaled F. from W. Africa. First primary is shorter than tenth. Above red-brown, blotched black, edged white. male 13 /2". With one or two pairs of spurs. 9 no spurs.

F. schuetti. Schuett's F. from W. Africa. Similar to F. squamatus. Above margined grey. male 13".

F. ahantensis. The Ahanta F. from W. Africa. Below brown, with submarginal white band, edged blackish brown. male 14".

F. jacksoni. Jackson's F. from E. Africa. Below bright chestnut, widely margined on both webs white. Bill and feet coral-red. male 15 1/2". With pair of spurs and supplementary knob on left foot.

F. erckeli. Erckel's F. from N.E. Africa. A few outer scapulars have buff shaft stripes. Grey-brown, margined chestnut. Bill black, feet yellow. male 17". Two pairs of spurs. female no spurs.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
77. Ortygornis gularis
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Kyah Or Swamp Partridge
Swamp Francolin
Francolinus gularis
4th ed.

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