770. Falco eleonorAe

770. Eleonora's Falcon.
Falco eleonoroe, Gene, Rev. Zool. 1839, p. 105 ; (Gurney), Ibis, 1869, p. 445, pl. xvi. ; Dresser, vi. p. 103, pl. 383 ; Sharpe, Cat. B. Br. Mus. i p. 404 ; F. arcadicus, Linderm. Isis, 1843, p. 329, Taf. 1 ; F. dichrous, Erhard, Naumannia, 1858, p. 25.
Falco della Regina, Ital. ; Barbaki, Warwakion, Greek.
Male ad. (Cyclades). General colour dark slate-grey, tinged with brown on the upper parts, rather clearer on the rump and upper tail-coverts ; quills blackish brown, washed with slate ; tail slate-colour, the outer feathers slightly barred with dull blackish ; under parts blackish grey, tinged with rufous here and there, the thighs and under tail-coverts clear dark slate-colour ; beak horn-blue, paler at the base ; cere pale greenish yellow ; legs pale lemon-yellow ; iris brown. Culmen 0.75, wing 11.9, tail 7.5, tarsus 1.3 inch. Female dusky brown above, tinged with slate, the nape tinged with rufous ; tail slate-grey, tipped with fulvous, and thickly barred with rufous and dusky ; orbital region, lores, and mous┬Čtache black ; hind-cheeks and throat rich buff ; under parts buff, becoming rufous on the abdomen, and striped with black ; thighs deep chestnut, with black shaft-stripes ; legs and feet greenish yellow. Culmen 0.85, wing 12.9, tail 7.5, tarsus 1.4 inch. The young bird resembles the female, but the feathers on the upper parts are margined with pale rufous ; cheeks, under parts, and thighs pale rufous buff, the dark markings well defined.
Hab. The islands in the Mediterranean, rarer on the south shores of Europe ; North-west and West Africa, south to Madagascar ; Palestine, Syria.
Frequents rocky localities, and in general habits resembles F. sabbuteo. Its call-note is a not very loud kek, kek, or wek, wek, wek. On the wing it is swift and active, and is recognizable by its long wings. It preys chiefly on small birds of various kinds, but also on insects and reptiles. It makes no nest, but deposits its eggs late in July or in August on the ledge of a cliff or on the ground. These are 2 or 3 in number, and resemble those of F. subbuteo, and measure about 1.68 by 1.32.

A Manual Of Palaearctic Birds
Dresser, Henry Eeles. A Manual of Palaearctic Birds. Vol. 2. 1903.
Title in Book: 
770. Falco eleonorAe
Book Author: 
H. E. Dresser
Page No: 
Common name: 
Eleonoras Falcon
Eleonora's Falcon
Falco eleonorae
Vol. 2

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