148. Aegialitis melanops

148. Aegialitis melanops.


Male 6". Female 5.8". Legs orange-yellow. Bill yellow, tip black. Forehead, streak on either side extending through eye and ear and meeting behind, dark brown. Breast-band brown-black. Wing-coverts ashy. Scapulars maroon. Described by Jerdon as C. russatus. Not included by Blanford among Indian Birds.

Also the following with no hind toe:—
AE. peroni. Male 6". Female 5 1/2". With shafts of all quills white. From Malayan Archipelago. Java to Philippines, Borneo, and Celebes.
AE. marginata. Male 6.8". Female 6.5". With inner secondaries white. From S. Africa. AE. pallida. 6". With inner secondaries brown. From Madagascar and E. Africa. AE. venusta. 5.3". From E. Africa.
AE. ruficapilla. 6". With neck and mantle rufous. From S. New Guinea, Australia, and Tasmania. Accidental in New Zealand.
AE. collaris. Male 6.3". Female 6". With black collar on foreneck. From S. America and Mexico.
AE. nivosa. Similar to AE. alexandrina. From W. coast of America.
AE. meloda. With white collar on hind neck. N. America, wintering in S. America, Bermuda, etc
AE. occidentalis. Male 6.5". Female 6.8". With feet and toes black. From Chili. AE. falklandica. 7". With double black band across foreneck and chest. From S. America. AE. pecuaria. Male 6 1/2". Female 6". Primaries excepting third with white shafts. From Africa.
AE. thoraciae. From Madagascar.
AE. sanctae helenae. 7 1/2". First primary only with white shaft. From St. Helena. AE. cucullata. Male 8.3". Female 8". Throat black. From Australia and Tasmania. AE. obscurus. 10". Below rufous. No bands. From New Zealand. AE. bicinctus. 7 1/2" Triple breast-band black, white, and chestnut. From Australia and Tasmania.
AE. wilsoni. 6.3". With single band across foreneck. From America. AE. pyrrothorax. Shown by Sharpe as additional to AE. mongolica, and as wintering in India.
Also the genus Eudromias. One species— E. morinellus, 8 1/2", the Dotterel, shaft and outer web of first primary white, from N. Europe and Siberia, wintering in Mediterranean countries and N. E. Africa.
Also the genus Podasocys. One species— P. montanus, 8 1/2", from W. N. America.
Also the genus Oxyechus. Four species— O. vociferus, Male 9", Female 10", from N. America, migratory to S. America; O. tricollaris, Male 7.2", Female 6 1/2", from S. Africa; O. bifrontatus, from Madagascar; and O. forbesi, 84", from W. Africa.
Also the genus Aegialeus. One species—— AE. semipalmatus, 6 1/2", from N. America, wintering in C. and S. America.
Also the genus Pluvianellus. One species— P. sociabilis 7 1/2", from Patagonia.
Also the genus Thinornis. Two species —T. novae zealandiae 7", from New Zealand and Chatham Island; and T. rossi, 7 1/2", from Auckland Islands.
Also the genus Anarhynchus. One species— A. frontalis, Male 7", Female 7 1/2", from New Zealand.
Also the genus Peltohyus. One species— P. australis, 8", with tarsus transversely scaled both in front and behind, from Australia.
(ii.) With no wing-spur and with a facial wattle.

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
148. Aegialitis melanops
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Australian Ringed Plover
Black-fronted Dotterel
Elseyornis melanops
4th ed.

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