Textor boehmi

PLATE I., Fig. 2.
Aleeto dinemelli, Sclater, Proc. Zool. Soc. 1864, p. 109.
Textor Bohmi, Reichenow, Journ, fur Ornith. 1885, p. 372.
Textor (Limoneres) Bohmi, Reichw. Journ, fur Ornith. 1887, p. 67. Textor Boehmi, Shelley, Ibis, 1887, p. 44.
English. Bohm's Weaver. Grey-headed Weaver.
French. Tisserin de Bohm.
German. Bohm’s Webervogel.
Habitat. Central East Africa.
Female. Head, neck, and all the under-parts ashy white, darkest on the ear-coverts ; mantle, back, wings and tail brownish black ; shoulders red ; speculum white ; tertials faintly margined with pale buff ; rump, upper-and under tail-coverts scarlet, varied with yellow ; thighs black : iris reddish brown ; lores and orbits, naked, bluish-black ; bill brown, lower mandible pale brown ; feet brownish-black ; length 8.4, wing 4.8, tail 3.7, tars. 1.3, culm. 0.9.
Observ. This bird being a female, and no doubt a young one, may account for its smoky grey plumage. I notice that the new feathers on the head and breast are pure white; the only substantial characters by which it can be separated from the female of T. dinemelli, is the darker back wings and tail, and it is a trifle larger.
It is with great reluctance that I separate this bird from the true Textor dinemelli, knowing the changes to which the whole group of Weavers are liable, even the localities, difference of climate, seasons and sexes cause variation.
The only specimen (a female) which I have examined, was kindly lent to me by Capt. G. E. Shelley ; it is one of Dr. Bohm’s birds obtained at Gonda, and is identical, Capt. Shelley tells me, with the type in the Berlin Museum.
This bird is described in the ‘Journal fur Ornithologie’ 1885, by Dr. Reichenow, who says that the specimen brought home by Capt. Speke in 1864, from Unyamuezi, which is now in the Bremen Museum, belongs to this species, and has remained under the name of Aleeto dinemclli, Sclater, until lately. He also tells us that “The district where Textor Boehmi is found, extends over the territory between Tanjanyika and Victoria N’yanza,” and it has since been discovered by Dr. Fischer at “Loeru, Massai-country, and builds its nest in Umbrella-Acacias near Seriau.”
Capt. Speke’s bird was “shot at Tura, in Unyamuezi, where it goes about in small flocks.”
No. Sex. Mus. Country. Length. Wing. Tail. Tars. Culm.
1 Female G. E. Shelley. Gonda (Bohm) 8.4 4.8 3.7 1.3 0.9
The figure (Pl. I., fig. 2) is taken from the above female, f size.

A Monograph Ploceidae And Fringillidae
Bartlett, Edward. A Monograph of the Weaver-birds, Ploceidae, and Arboreal and Terrestrial Finches, Fringillidae. 1888.
Title in Book: 
Textor boehmi
Book Author: 
Bartlett, Edward
Page No: 
Common name: 
Bohms Weaver
Dinemellia dinemelli boehmi

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