1076. Tachornis infumatus

1076. Tachornis infumatus.

The Eastern Palm-Swift.

Cypselus infumatus, Sclater, P. Z. S. 1865, p. 602 ; Hume, Ibis, 1870, p. 533 ; Jerdon, Ibis, 1871, p. 355, pl. x; Walden in Blyth's Birds Burm. p. 85; Hume & Oates, S. F. iii, p. 44; Hume 8; Dav. S. F. vi, pp. 48, 497; Hume, Cat. no. 102 bis; id. S. F. xi, p. 32; Bingham, S. F. viii, p. 192; ix, p. 149; Oates, B. B. ii, p. 4; id. in Hume's N. & E. 2nd ed. iii, p. 27. Cypselus tectorum, Jerdon, P. A. S. B. 1870, p. 61; Godw.-Aust. J. A. S. B. xxxix, pt. 2, p. 94. Cypselus minusculus, Salvadori, Ann. Mus. Civ. Gen. (2) vii, p. 383. Tachornis infumata, Hartert, Cat. B. M. xvi, p. 467.

Pyan-hlwa, Burmese (applied to all Swifts).

Coloration similar to that of T. batassiensis, but much darker, upper parts blackish brown, wing and tail-feathers black above with a slight purplish gloss; lower plumage smoky brown, throat slightly paler.

Bill and feet black; iris brown (Oates).

Length about 5.2 inches ; tail 2.2; wing 4.6 ; tarsus .35; tail less forked than in T. batassiensis; the outer tail-feathers exceed the middle pair by .9 inch.

Distribution. Hill-tracts south of the Assam valley and throughout the Burmese countries, to Southern China, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Java.

Habits, &c. precisely similar to those of T. batassiensis, this bird haunting palms (Borassus and Areca) and breeding in them. In the Naga and Garo hills, where the people thatch their huts with two layers of palm-leaves, this Swift attaches its nest to the upper side of the leaves in the lower layer.

The Fauna Of British India including Ceylon and Burma
Blanford, William Thomas, ed. The Fauna of British India: Including Ceylon and Burma. Vol.3 1895.
Title in Book: 
1076. Tachornis infumatus
Book Author: 
William Thomas Blanford
Page No: 
Common name: 
Eastern Palm Swift
Cypsiurus balasiensis infumatus
Vol. 3

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