15. Crossoptilum tibetanum

15. Crossoptilum tibetanum.


Male 38" to 40", tail 19" to 20". Legs bright red. Bill dull red. Eye-patch and cheek red. Crest-feathers black, short, erect, velvety, and thick-set. Sixth quill longest. Twenty tail-feathers, satin-green or black. Neck, back, and abdomen yellowish grey-white. Plumage ample, unglossed, and wholly dishevelled. (H. and M. i. 115). Found in the mountains of W. China and E. Tibet, from 10,000 to 12,000 feet.

Also C. leucurum. The White-tailed Eared Pheasant. Distinguished from C. tibetanum in having greater part of tail white, tipped black.— Female: Tail white, margined and tipped grey. E. Tibet.

C. manchuricum. Male 40". The Manchurian Eared Pheasant differs from C. tibetanum in having mantle brownish black and an indistinct white band across crown. Tail twenty-two feathers, basal part dirty white, tips brownish.— Female: No spurs. The feathers formerly worn by Tartar warriors. Twelve to sixteen eggs (2.3 x 1.7), pale stone colour. Time of incubation twenty-eight to thirty days.

C. auritum. 40". Pallas's Eared Pheasant. Mantle slate-blue.. An indistinct white band bordering black crown behind. Tail twenty-four feathers. Kokonor, Kansu, and N. W. Szechuen. Five to seven eggs (2.6 x 1.6), olive-grey.

C. harmani resembles C. auritum, but with a wide white band bordering the crown behind and without any white on basal part of outer tail. Tail twenty-four feathers (?). Tibet.

Also the genus Lobiophasis, the Wattled Pheasants. Tail-feathers, Male thirty-two, Female twenty-eight, by far the largest number in any of the Phasianidae* Sexes differ. In males, head naked with three pairs of wattles: one pair large and erect on sides of head, a second pair large and drooping on sides of throat, and a third pair small on sides of bill. Pair of spurs.

L. bulweri Male 35". Female 20". Bulwer's Wattled Pheasant. Neck and chest crimson. Plumage black, margined blue. Naked skin and wattles blue. Tail white,—Female: Brownish buff, mottled black. Tail chestnut. Sarawak. (O.G. i. 248-257.)

Game, Shore And Water Birds Of India
Le Messurier, Augustus. Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India Fourth Edition, 1904.
Title in Book: 
15. Crossoptilum tibetanum
Book Author: 
A Le Messurier
Page No: 
Common name: 
Hodgsons Eared Pheasant
Tibetan Eared Pheasant
Crossoptilon harmani
4th ed.

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